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AdExchanger: With no ratings standards, how can the best audience data win?

August 1, 2017

Greg Herbst, Vice President of Audience Solutions at Bombora explores the necessity of a universal rating standards for audience data within the digital advertising industry.

Oil, steel, movies, games, credit, alcohol, stocks, and bonds: They are all bought and sold, and each is rated by independent agencies using standardized grades so that the buyer – be it a consumer or a business – knows what they are getting. But audience data, the foundation of the global online ad industry and central to the growth of programmatic advertising, has no system of impartial quality determination.

With no shortage of players in the market, regular ratings on universal dimensions would help buyers distinguish between high quality and low quality data providers, making it easier for marketers to access quality audience data and reach campaign goals.

Greg Herbst discusses the lack of a universal rating system for digital advertising data and the downfalls of the industry's failure to impartially grade providers. Herbst also explores the possible scenarios for solving the ever-increasing confusion within the market.

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