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Bombora launches intelligent Account-Based Marketing to solve B2B programmatic issues

Collaboration with The Trade Desk and Chalice brings account-based frequency controls and transparent reporting to programmatic advertising

Are you ready to adapt your advertising strategy to the ever-evolving digital landscape?

Programmatic ad buying has revolutionized the digital media space, making it far easier for both B2C and B2B advertisers to reach their target audiences. While B2B advertisers have taken advantage of the technology, many haven’t been able to transfer their account-based marketing strategies directly into programmatic due to unique data challenges.
iABM target accounts

We partnered to solve this at scale

 iABM takes advantage of Bombora’s industry-leading B2B identity and audiences, as well as a custom algorithm built by Chalice, the marketing and data science consultancy. At launch, iABM is available exclusively with The Trade Desk.

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A sustainable programmatic audience solution

Today, activating B2B data can be tricky. Marketers are challenged with lack of impression level reporting by both channel and company.

Enhance first-party data and targeting strategies with Bombora’s privacy-compliant Intent data, as well as additional layers of firmographic and demo data, to meet the needs of all B2B marketers. Drive meaningful ad changes, measurable campaign impact, and focused audience insights, all in the face of privacy regulations and industry changes.

With iABM, you'll experience:

Learn how Bombora’s iABM solutions can transform your advertising strategy​

Are you ready to maintain the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns?

Jacob Beck

Senior Director of Digital Activation at Merkle

“iABM has enabled us to efficiently reach all of the accounts that we’re targeting and clearly measure delivery, resulting in higher CTRs and more accounts reached for programs we’re currently running on behalf of our brand partners. We are looking forward to the continued success and growth of this innovative solution.”