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Learn how OneLogin doubled marketing campaign engagement with Intent data

With the help of Leadspace Customer Data Platform and Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data, OneLogin was able to generate a 60% increase in email open rates2X increase in email reply rates and a 10% increase in outbound sales pipeline.

OneLogin’s hyper-growth caused a data overload, making databases too large to manage and in some cases, inaccurate. These challenges encouraged them to find a way to drive efficiency, leading them to the joint-solution between Leadspace’s B2B CDP and Bombora’s Intent data. Outbound efforts quickly became more accurate to higher value accounts, thus driving more revenue faster. Hear from OneLogin’s Marketing Director, David Tam about how he bridged the sales and marketing gap.

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Try Intent data for free with Company Surge® Alerts

If you haven’t already tried Company Surge® Alerts, you know that there are B2B businesses in active research mode for your products or services. But do you know who they are?

With a simple sign-up, receive a weekly email telling you which of your target accounts are researching topics relevant to your business.

Use this free Intent data tool to proactively coordinate sales and marketing activities around businesses with active intent.

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Get access to an unprecedented amount of B2B Intent data at scale

Bombora captures Intent signals from across the B2B web, spanning across multiple content sources. The scale of this intent dataset gives you access to deep insights across a range of areas.

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Get your 'Guide to using B2B Intent data'

Intent data is a hot Martech topic, but there is a lot of confusion about how it can be best used in business.

Learn how sales, marketing, ops, and agencies capture a competitive advantage with our ‘Guide to using B2B Intent data’. It illustrates ten use cases across multiple business users.

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Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you’re executing marketing campaigns, managing an inside sales team, running targeted programmatic B2B campaigns at an agency, or trying to increase advertising reach as a publisher, Bombora's Intent data can help.

B2B sales and marketing

Align marketing and sales towards a unified approach focused on Intent data.

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B2B agencies

Deliver better results for your clients with highly targeted campaigns that focus on companies demonstrating intent.

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Enrich your ad products with the power of B2B Intent data to deliver more targeted campaigns for your advertising partners.

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Discover the new wave for B2B sales and marketing

Consumers are inundated with ads, emails, and unwanted sales calls. This is pollution, pure and simple. Learn to use Intent data to decrease marketing output while increasing performance.

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