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If you're looking to quickly understand how Intent data is created, what it can be used for, and how it works within certain integrations, take a look at the recorded demo videos on this page.

How to use Intent data

Learn how to use Bombora’s Intent data to help you better engage with prospects and accounts.

Using Company Surge® in Salesforce

Learn how Company Surge® for Salesforce helps reps prioritize which account to focus on and what to say to those prospects to increase pipeline and close more deals.

Using Company Surge® in HubSpot

Learn how Company Surge® for HubSpot helps marketers prioritize prospect engagement, scale leads and increase Account-Based Marketing effectiveness.

Using Company Surge® in LinkedIn

Integrate Company Surge® with LinkedIn to create an always-on, in-market audience for your advertising campaigns.

Using Company Surge® in

The Bombora + Outreach integration helps focus sales activity on accounts that want to hear from you now.

How SDRs use Intent data to prospect

When preparing for your prospecting efforts using Bombora’s Intent data, first prioritize your target accounts that have the highest intent score. Once you have determined which accounts have the highest intent score you can now view what topics they are researching. Based on the topics they are researching, you can then find prospects and craft messages accordingly.

See how Sean, an SDR at Bombora, uses Intent data for her prospecting efforts on a weekly basis.

How to use Intent data for cold prospecting

When preparing for cold out reach, first prioritize your list by looking for accounts showing interest in topics closely related to your brand, your competitors, or problems you solve. Then, use additional topics to clue you in to the personas who are doing the research, so you know who to contact. Finally, use the data to personalize your outreach and make it relevant to the buyer’s interests.

See how Lauren, an enterprise sales rep at Bombora, does this on a weekly basis.

How to use Intent data to advance open opportunities

Company Surge® Intent data helps advance open opportunities by providing inspiration for relevant reasons to reach out. For example, watching accounts for the interest in complementary products or partner integrations can provide a path toward another call to share more detail.

See how Lauren, an enterprise sales rep at Bombora, initiates “next-step” conversations using Company Surge® Intent data in Salesforce.

How to use Intent data for up-sell

Learn how Company Surge® Intent data can help reps identify additional products or solutions a customer might need – to help land cross-sell, up-sell, or expansion revenue.

See how Lauren, an enterprise sales rep at Bombora, finds this information within Salesforce.

Killin’ the Data Blues

For a more creative take on the value you get from Bombora’s Intent data, enjoy Nina’s soon-to-be-hit single: “Killin’ the Data Blues”!

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