Meet Bombora

Who we are

Bombora is the leading provider of B2B demographic, firmographic and Intent data.


Our story

Bombora is an Australian Aboriginal word that means ‘a wave that forms over a submerged offshore reef or rock, sometimes breaking heavily and producing a dangerous stretch of broken water.’ We chose Bombora as our company name because it reflects both the sea of data we aggregate and the challenge in harnessing it.


We believe

We believe that sales and marketing teams should work together to use modern data, tools and technologies to engage with customers based on what those customers actually want. We believe in sharing our data through a network of publishers, activation partners, agencies and major brands so that everybody wins.

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We care

We care about our customers and partners. We care about our employees. And we care about the world and those who are doing good in it. So we are proud to support worthy causes such as Surfrider, Rocking the Boat and EDAWN.


Our people

Data is our second most valuable asset. People are our first. And we have the best. Passionate yet level-headed. Focused yet fun. We know where we are going and we always make room for laughter and a few waves on the way.


What's new at Bombora?

Find out a bit more about Bombora and how you can join the team and ride the waves of Intent data.

Bombora's continued approach to cooperative B2B data innovation powers it to double revenue and customers

We're proud to share that our continued cooperative approach to B2B data and 'everybody wins' strategy has propelled us to a strong performance in 2017, reflected through our record increases in revenue, hiring, and industry recognition.

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Infographic - Company Surge® for marketing

Together with the Aberdeen Group, Bombora introduces 'The Company Surge™ for marketing' infographic to provide marketers with insights about topics across select industries to help propel engagement and conversation with prospects and customers.

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Ride the Intent data waves with us

As the leading provider of B2B Intent data, Bombora has been quickly established as a company of innovators and disruptors - come ride the wave with us!

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Find out more about Bombora

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