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Surfing Waves of Data

Bombora is an Australian Aboriginal word that means ‘a wave that forms over a submerged offshore reef or rock, sometimes breaking heavily and producing a dangerous stretch of broken water.’
We chose Bombora as our company name because it reflects both the sea of data we aggregate and the challenge in harnessing it.

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By the numbers

  • 6+ years
  • 150+ bommies
  • 6000+ customers
  • 80+ integrations
  • 1 mission

Image attribution: O’Neill Paddle Out

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We care

If we do not take care of it, it will not take care of us. This is true of our oceans and our business environment. Being aware of the impact we make leads us to Sustainable Marketing.

What is Sustainable Marketing?

Our people

We value putting others first, flexibility, personal growth, leading by example, respect for ecosystems and data stewardship.


What's new?

Find out a bit more about Bombora and how you can join the team and ride the waves of Intent data.

Bombora’s new Measurement products uncover the B2B buying path for brands

Find out how our Measurement products give sales and marketing a competitive edge with insights about the path to B2B buying.

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Get free Intent data with Company Surge® Alerts

Company Surge® Alerts is a weekly email telling you which of your target accounts are researching topics relevant to your business. Sign up for free and get your updated list of top 10 prospects delivered straight to your inbox.

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Not all Intent data is created equal - understand the differences and how to get started

Adoption of Intent data is growing, but simultaneously senior marketers are mistakenly treating it all the same. Dale Durrett breaks down the different sources, collection methods, and uses for varying types of Intent data to set the record straight.

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Get a free customized Company Surge® report

We believe in testing Intent data before you buy it, which is why we offer you the chance to build a personalized report in real-time with someone from our sales team. You'll get a full-scale Company Surge® report, customized for your business needs, that you can take back to your team to review and test.

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