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Drive efficiencies with Intent data for enterprise manufacturers

Long sales cycle? Many manufacturing organizations are turning to B2B Intent data to help them precisely identify and target potential customers and tailor content that resonates with their unique position in the sales journey.

Here are a few resources to help industrial marketers and manufacturing leaders unlock their GTM enterprise strategy.

Engage with leads at the perfect moment

With Intent data, industrial marketers can understand where target accounts are in their journey to create relationships and proactively adapt messaging to stay ahead of RFPs — despite long sales cycles.

Top manufacturing businesses are growing by adapting to the direct-to-consumer (D2C) paradigm shift, using data-centric methodologies like ABM, ABX, and programmatic advertising. 

“An account manager told our salesperson we won the deal because we were first to make contact,” said Dan Staresinic, Siemens Digital Industries, VP of marketing. 

Gain insights from Siemens' Intent-driven campaign performance

Most of the research journey was already completed before potential customers contacted Siemens, but as a non-incumbent vendor, they had zero visibility until the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage.

RFPs can be hard to predict and the decision has already been made by the time they become public in many instances.

Intent data solutions for manufacturers for faster decision-making

Topics the top 100 manufacturers are researching

Industrial marketers at the top 100 manufacturing businesses are investing in social media to build relationships and accelerate D2C sales.

Bombora’s Intent data reveals a spike in research on topics like ‘brand strategy,’ ‘branding agency,’ ‘brand awareness,’ and ‘branding.’

How are enterprise marketers are shifting their strategies

Bombora research shows marketers are looking into new tools, resource management, and best practices amid uncertain economic conditions.

Check out our Marketing Pulse report to see what marketers are researching and what they’re exploring to reach customers as media habits shift.


How to use B2B Intent data to identify total addressable in-market (TAIM) accounts

Buying committees are getting larger in the B2B sector which adds on to the long sales cycles common in the space. Most companies spend a lot of time researching the solutions before they make a decision, which offers more time and Intent data for you to make your move, but it also makes it difficult to decide which tactics may work for an account.

Here are a few marketing techniques that help manufacturers target high-intent accounts using B2B Intent data.

A sustainable GTM for enterprise manufacturers

Understand where your target accounts are through long sales cycles to proactively adapt your messaging and stay ahead of RFPs using Bombora Intent data.

Dan Staresinic

VP of Marketing & Communications at Siemens Digital Industries

“We generated so much revenue from leads directly attributable to Bombora’s Intent data — and not anything else. ”