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Empowering sales and marketing intelligence with Bombora Expansion Packages

Companies rely heavily on actionable insights to drive their sales and marketing strategies in today’s data-driven business landscape. Bombora, a trusted leader in Intent data, has long been at the forefront of empowering businesses and fueling sales and marketing intelligence with valuable Intent data.

Recognizing customers’ evolving needs, Bombora has taken a proactive step by introducing Expansion Packages. These packages offer customers an effortless way to access additional Bombora Intent data within partner platforms without additional integrations, allowing them to enhance their current workflows and gain a competitive edge.

Addressing customer demand and macroeconomic climate

Bombora’s Expansion Packages allow customers to access the full breadth of Intent data within partner platforms to optimize and amplify their business growth strategies. Bombora and its partners have also packaged the additional data access considering their current investment in partner platforms to ensure it can fit into tightening sales and marketing budgets.

Sales and marketing intelligence - Bombora Intent data expansion packages for customers difference

Significant return on investment

Businesses can supercharge their sales and marketing efforts and confidently make better data-driven decisions by seamlessly integrating premium Bombora Intent data into their existing martech stack. The additional data access allows for more accurate targeting, improved personalization and a deeper understanding of customer intent signals. Ultimately, this translates into higher conversion rates, increased customer engagement, and improved overall business performance.

Volume of relevant Intent signals - Bombora Intent data expansion packages for customers

Solve common Intent data challenges

Ascend2 surveyed about challenges associated with leveraging Intent data today. 50% of respondents said “Making Intent data actionable” was a significant challenge.

Evolving Intent data to make it actionable takes work and is rarely easy. Intent data is ever-changing and often requires the utilization of complementary data with the right internal champions and users to capitalize on it promptly. These are all major obstacles for customers without the appropriate infrastructure in place.

Bombora continues to work towards mitigating the potential pitfalls of utilizing Intent data and our customers have gone through these challenges and come out on the other side with real-world experience in using data to drive sales, marketing, and even product development. Through these efforts, customers have been able to evaluate the quality of Intent data with a Bombora Embedded Package together with other data sources provided by partner platforms, like technographic and firmographic data.

Forrester: Bombora Company Surge® methodology has become the de facto industry standard

These partnerships have contributed to recognition from Forrester as a leader among B2B Intent data providers on its recent Wave report:

“Bombora is a trusted source for both clients and other intent providers.“ – Forrester

While these integrations have undoubtedly brought immense value to customers, the Embedded Package is not for everyone when it comes to data volume and available use cases. Therefore, many customers have realized the significant benefit of implementing additional Bombora Intent data beyond what is included in the Embedded Package within partner platforms. They have also purchased licenses with Bombora to facilitate that added value.

“With Bombora’s Intent data now integrated with the rich account data and activation capabilities in 6sense, our sales and marketing team is better positioned to identify customer demand and engage with the right buyers at the right time,” said Head of Marketing Operations at Aruba Networks.

Sales and marketing intelligence - Bombora Intent data packages for customers

Unlock sales and marketing intelligence with Bombora’s Intent data Expansion Packages

Bombora’s Expansion Packages offer an ideal solution for those eager to take Intent data strategies to the next level and more effectively meet the modern buyer’s needs. (Hint, we’ve got an on-demand webinar on that here!)

Bombora’s introduction of Expansion Packages showcases commitment to customer satisfaction and its drive to provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed. By offering a straightforward way to access additional Bombora Intent data, these packages are cost-effective and hassle-free, enabling businesses to harness the power of Intent data and drive impactful outcomes. Embrace the power of Expansion Packages and unlock the full potential of Bombora Intent data to gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.

To learn more about Bombora’s Expansion Packages and how they can benefit your business, contact your Bombora rep today.

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