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Harness the force of Intent data for your manufacturing GTM strategy — a Siemens case study

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Transform your sales strategy with Bombora's Company Surge®

The manufacturing industry grapples with numerous obstacles, from supply chain disruptions to long sales cycles. Despite these, successful manufacturers are adapting to this evolving landscape by embracing data-centric methodologies into their account-based marketing (ABM), account-based experience (ABX), and programmatic advertising strategies. The key player in this transformation is Intent data, reshaping marketing and sales tactics.

Draw inspiration from the success story of Siemens Digital Industries (DI) and discover how Bombora’s Company Surge® can propel your manufacturing business to accomplish:

Challenge the incumbent bias and engage with leads at the perfect moment

Siemens (DI), a global leader in factory automation, motion control, and industrial software, faced the challenge of incumbent bias. Switching vendors was difficult due to the high cost and emotional fatigue that increases when buyers have to replace existing solutions.

Furthermore, engaging leads at the right time in their purchase process proved to be a significant hurdle. Most of the research journey was already completed before potential customers contacted Siemens, but as a non-incumbent vendor, they had zero visibility until the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage.

Siemens manufacturing Bombora Intent data

Prioritize your outreach and produce high-quality leads

Siemens (DI) found prioritizing outreach within a broad potential market challenging. Traditional demand generation strategies didn’t hit the mark, resulting in low acceptance rates for marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Bombora’s Company Surge® empowered Siemens to identify companies displaying buying intent early in their automation projects. By harnessing Intent data, Siemens witnessed:

Optimize your programmatic advertising with laser-targeting and reduced spend

Intent-driven programmatic advertising campaigns offer improved targeting and reduced costs. Siemens (DI) leveraged Bombora’s Intent data to accurately target contacts that were “in-market” for their products. By focusing on relevant topics and job titles, and targeting specific geographic areas, Siemens achieved an 80% reduction in cost-per-click (CPC) and generated more receptive leads.

Prioritize your sales efforts and accelerate your sales cycles

Limited resources are a challenge for sales teams in the manufacturing industry. Bombora’s Intent data provides prioritization based on prospects most likely to buy, allowing sales teams to focus their efforts where they matter most. By utilizing credible Intent data early in the buying journey, Siemens reduced telequalification (TQ) costs per sales-accepted lead (SAL) by 99% and shortened sales cycles.

Empower your sales strategy with account intelligence

In today’s hyper-personalized B2B landscape, understanding customer pain points, and differentiating from competitors is crucial. Bombora’s Audience Solutions, including Company Surge®, offer granular and credible account intelligence. Siemens (DI) experienced substantial gains, including a win/loss rate of 94%, over 400 new pipeline opportunities, and a reduced customer churn rate.

Ready to tap into the power of Intent data for your manufacturing business?

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Dan Staresinic

VP of Marketing and Communications at Siemens

“We experienced an 80% reduction in CPC and noticeably more receptive leads.”