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A Bombora-Powered Partner

Target and spend more effectively with intent-driven digital advertising.

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Terminus Overview

The Terminus Account Based Marketing (ABM) Platform is an end-to-end solution that runs efficient ABM programs at scale. The Account Hub enables marketing and sales to identify and prioritize target accounts, activate multichannel advertising, and report on ABM programs to every level of business.

As a Bombora-Powered partner, Terminus offers a portion of Bombora Company Surge® as a component of its Scale and Complete packages, with varying data volumes.


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How can Intent data be used in Terminus?

1. Account Hub – Terminus pulls Bombora Intent data into its target account command center, the Account Hub. Intent data is combined with other 1st and 3rd party account insights that Terminus aggregates, allowing sales to prioritize outreach to the warmest leads.

2. Account-based advertising – Bombora Company Surge® data powers Terminus triggers for intent and account-based ad campaigns. When a target account shows increased interest in a particular topic, marketers create tailored ads, personalized collateral, and video to engage them.

What are the benefits of this?

  • Understand how target accounts are behaving and what they are researching across the B2B web
  • Effectively prioritize accounts that sales reps are pursuing based on current topics of interest and Intent signals
  • Execute personalized content that is relevant to high-value accounts’ current buying behaviors
  • Beat competition by engaging with prospects earlier in the buying cycle

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"Of the opportunities created since we’ve implemented the solution, nearly 70% of them have been influenced by Terminus and addition, we’ve seen web engagement triple from our target accounts."

Allyson Barr CMO at Attivio

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