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SugarCRM | Case study

SugarCRM uncovers hidden in-market accounts with Bombora and Triblio

SugarCRM is a full-featured customer relationship management platform and rated Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Leader in the G2 Spring 2022 Report, and the No. 1 CRM in SoftwareReviews.

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As a challenger in the established and highly competitive customer relationship management (CRM) space, SugarCRM leadership understood the value of sales and marketing efficiency and alignment.

But with a high-ticket product and customers who aren’t always in-market, they found that their traditional sales development representative (SDR) methods of working in an Excel spreadsheet were expensive and time-consuming.

“You have to get the right person on the right day before they’ve made a purchase. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack,” said Jason Rushforth, SugarCRM SVP and GM.

SugarCRM needed to find a way to align their marketing and sales teams’ goals to eliminate blind spots in their sales process and grow their pipeline efficiently.


From a survey they conducted, the SugarCRM team found that 40% of respondents felt more potent sales and marketing software would help drive alignment between marketing and sales, but only if done correctly.

“We wanted a tool we could give to the sales team to make them more productive, but we didn’t want them to have to go back and forth between different systems to get the information they needed,” Rushforth said.

So SugarCRM implemented a combination of Bombora and Triblio.

“Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data tells us which businesses are researching us or our competitors and what topics they’re interested in,” said Clare Dorrian, SugarCRM CMO. “Triblio combines our first-party data with Bombora’s third-party data to give us a single score to prioritize our accounts.”

"Bombora surfaces the opportunities. Triblio allows us to reach out in a meaningful way."

Clare Dorrian SugarCRM CMO

All this data is then funneled from Triblio into a dashlet in their SugarCRM platform, so when reps are looking at a contact or company record, they get all the context, they need – from the Triblio Smart Score to Bombora Intent, and whether or not they’re in an ABM campaign.

“We can see which are the top prioritized accounts and drill down right into our CRM. It’s like landing an airplane,” said Rushforth.

“There’s an important velocity point here. We’re all in the business of getting to the opportunity and close as fast and effectively as we can. So less time spent in and around other systems, trying to compile the combined value of the insights from all these different systems is time well spent. The faster the BDR can get the qualification, the faster the lead can get handed off to a seller, the faster the customer rep can understand the account is at risk and actually do something about it,” Dorrian added.

SugarCRM now has a solid, data-backed outreach process that brings their sales and marketing teams together behind the unified goal of building pipeline, and as Rushforth always says, “The data doesn’t lie.”


Now, instead of just opening a spreadsheet, SugarCRM’s SDRs start their day with insights from an email from G2 (showing which businesses have been directly checking out Sugar on G2 reviews) and an email from Bombora with a list of which businesses have been reading relevant topical articles and even researching their competitors.

After seeing which accounts are most active, they are able to see more details faster, determine the best medium and content for outreach, and add them to relevant marketing campaigns in a few clicks.

How’s it working?

“Ten weeks post launch, we found $2m in pipeline that we never knew existed. Two weeks later, we doubled it,” noted Dorrian.

Not too shabby.

The next phase

With the 1-2 punch of Bombora and Triblio, SugarCRM has already found a better, data-driven method to keep their pipeline loaded.

Now they’re focused on ways to further speed up their inbound and outbound response times with newer dashboards and more integrations—even creating personalized websites and digital experiences for prospects, based on the specific interests they’ve shown.

Internally, SugarCRM leadership is also hosting Q&A and “Level Up” calls to not only help the rest of their team learn how to use the valuable Bombora and Triblio data, but also to share success stories and bolster excitement and engagement about the power of these combined platforms.

“Now we can see the blind spots,” said Dorrian, “and the future for SugarCRM looks bright.”

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