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Account Media | Case study

Account Media drives engagement for their B2B publisher customers and less audience churn

Account Media partners exclusively with B2B publishers and demand providers by implementing strategic demand gen strategies through access to their highly engaged B2B audiences. This allows their customers to “demand with confidence” on their lead generation goals globally.

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Getting leads isn’t the problem. Getting the right leads without burning out your existing audience is.

“Our readers are the lifeblood of our business, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the volume and quality of leads our publisher partners require,” said Matthew Rhoades-Brown, Account Media’s CEO and founder.

“Once someone decides to unsubscribe, we are unable to speak to them again, so it’s essential we deliver them the right messaging at the right time.” Rhoades-Brown continued, “B2B buyers spend over 60% of their process gathering and synthesizing information, so it’s no wonder why they’re suffering from buyer fatigue. Few publishers or lead providers focus on the buyer, and we wanted that to be a core value of our approach.”


To start generating higher-quality leads for its customers and delivering more value to its audience, Account Media started taking an Intent-based approach to its content distribution strategy.

“Now, when a customer brings us a new account-based marketing (ABM) campaign, we start by using Bombora Company Surge® Intent data to prioritize the target account list (TAL). Once we see which accounts are actively researching related topics, we create a priority list to engage the most high-priority, in-market accounts.”

The Account Media team then overlays their own first-party data on top of Bombora’s account-level Intent data to create a highly motivated audience that’s much more likely to respond to their customer’s offerings.


“We’re not only getting a better yield for the emails we’re sending, but we’re also avoiding over-messaging of audiences and opt-outs from nonrelevant messaging,” Rhoades-Brown noted.

“We see a 10–15% increase in open rates and a 20–25% increase in conversions when we use Bombora Company Surge® over a ‘spray-and-pray’ outreach strategy, but there are so many more benefits beyond just these metrics — we’re seeing more loyalty from our audience, lower unsubscribe rates, fewer complaint rates, etc.”

With Bombora’s Company Surge®, Account Media is also able to guide its publisher customers towards the topics their audience is currently interested in to make their campaigns even more effective.

"We can also enrich the lead we’re passing back to our client. Clients are wanting to know more about their leads — they want to know their favorite pizza and if they like Pepsi or Coke. With Bombora’s Intent data, we can send our customers their audience’s top performing Intent topics and account scores, as well as the individual data we’re able to pull from our own systems.”

Matthew Rhoades-Brown Account Media’s CEO and founder

The next phase

Building on its successes and the data and insight Bombora is able to provide, Account Media is looking into expanding its offerings to include digital advertising services for its customers, as well.

According to Rhoades-Brown, “We plan to continue to grow our valued partnerships in the B2B publishing world, and, by working with Bombora, we’re able to leverage the best Intent data solutions in the market to deliver ‘demand with confidence’ to our customers.”

How can you get results like Account Media?

Reach out to Bombora’s Co-op Success Team for a Bombora Company Surge® demo.