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Revolutionize your data segmentation by uncovering and engaging high-value business audiences

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog about why publishers need to prove their value in 2023 and beyond. In that blog, a key focus was on publishers proving their value to their advertisers while facing declining ad spend. In this blog, we have some tips for leveraging publisher solutions to uncover and engage high-value business audiences to improve data segmentation.

Insider Intelligence revised its forecast on worldwide digital ad spend (cutting its original estimate from a 15.6% increase over 2021 down to only an 8.6% increase). It also decreased its estimate for worldwide digital ad spending for 2024 by $60Bn (from $756Bn down to $696Bn). While the decrease isn’t exponential, advertisers must be far more effective with each ad dollar spent.

In an industry often seen as highly volatile, proving attention capture is more important than ever when it comes to gaining and maintaining advertisers. Yet, tracking viewers and understanding audiences has become increasingly difficult and costly.

So, how can a publisher prove viewership and appease advertisers while also keeping overhead costs down?

Know your business visitor composition

Understanding an audience is critical to understanding who your visitors are and where they are coming from – including business domains, demographics, firmographics, job functions, seniority, B2B topic interests, and buyer intent.

You’ll likely already know where some visitors are coming from, such as subscribers who click through from an email or similar content. However, transient visitors are harder to track and understand through basic analytics – and are 60-80% of the visitors trafficking your site regularly.

Gaining insight into the transient visitors is crucial to proving ad dollars are well-spent. But knowing where they come from isn’t the sum of the situation. You also need to break this down into your target market and target audience.

The target audience is the audience actually consuming the product or service. This could include existing customers as well as potential new ones.

The target market includes the target audience and additional demographic groups such as influencers or industry experts.

You then need to be able to determine which audience your advertiser is most interested in and ensure that audience sees their ad.

If you can’t prove this is happening, then the question rises as to whether the ad dollars are best spent with you.

Knowing your visitor composition, identifying audiences, and proving the audience is seeing the ads can provide advertisers with the trust their ad dollars are well-spent with your publication.

Increase yield through cooperative data

The key to gaining the greatest insights is moving beyond first-party data. The 60-80% of visitors we discussed above are the ones potentially providing the greatest value to advertisers.

With a data solution providing cooperative data, audience data can be drawn about all the visitors to your site and others, compounding the insights available.

Out-of-the-box insights such as these support an argument that ad dollars spent on your site will likely have a return on investment.

Bombora's Company Surge

Bombora provides behavioral data to digital publishing organizations to help you understand your audiences’ profiles and behaviors across the business internet. Forrester states, “Bombora’s content consumption model has become the de facto standard in B2B marketing for third-party behavioral data to indicate customer intent…”

Bombora sources data from a proprietary consent-based data cooperative leveraging more than 4,000 B2B websites to provide intent data and purchase insights at scale, with 82% of the co-op publisher logos providing data exclusively to Bombora.

Uncover Bombora’s impact with a proven 10% uplift in partner and campaign retention

In Forrester’s latest “The Total Economic Impact Of Bombora For Data Publishers,” Forrester found a 10% improvement in both partner and campaign retention.

Through the study, Forrester found Bombora helped interviewees’ teams access more data than other services, enabling them to provide more data to the organization’s content and advertising partners.

The interviewees reported their content teams could deliver recommendations to clients prioritizing audiences and content based on what the visitors were interested in. The data also proved that the interviewees were reaching the advertiser’s ideal audience.

Because publishers were able to provide and prove value, they reported a large improvement in partner and campaign retention. In one case, over a three-year period, a publisher reported more than 200 additional content partners or campaigns renewed, resulting in an impressive $2.2 million in profits to the organization.

Bombora's TEI Report for Publishers - benefits from audience data segmentation


Bombora Company Surge®️ does it for you

Intelligent insights from Bombora Company Surge®️ Intent data and the Planning and Measurement suite provide publishers with a highly scalable way to identify and track business audiences both firmographically and behaviorally. By doing so, publishers visualize the data feed in more detail to optimize their content strategies and enhance and prove their value to advertisers and customers to grow.

In addition to identifying demographic and firmographic metrics, Bombora’s Intent data identifies accounts actively researching relevant topics enabling publishers to provide advertising spaces while knowing they can track businesses that show active purchase intent.

Bombora's client testimonial from TEI report

By working directly with publishers (as opposed to working through the bidstream), we can provide our B2B customers with the highest quality Intent data while ensuring that it’s fully compliant and protects their visitors.

Our unwavering commitment to data privacy has earned us a stellar ranking by Neutronian, placing us in the top 10% percentile with a remarkable score of 102.08 in the privacy and compliance category – significantly higher than the average score of 55.7.

In addition to providing the data itself, Bombora also offers data enrichment and insights solutions that include guidance on data strategy and analysis as well as additional insights and ad hoc content support.

Not convinced yet? Need more insights? Check out the most recent TEI report to learn more.