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Bombora: The ultimate choice for publishers to monetize audience data

Audience data monetization is business-critical for 2023

As the publishing landscape shifts, media companies seek to consolidate their ad spend and fortify revenue streams using their audience data in 2023. In this competitive market, understanding and analyzing audiences is essential for publishers to prove their value and secure lucrative partnerships. In the latest Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting /on behalf of Bombora, Bombora was found to be an exceptional choice for publishers to monetize audience data and enhance their overall value proposition due to the high performance of its proprietary data model and AI capabilities.

Publishers can improve their understanding of their known and unknown visitor base, including business domains, demographics, firmographics, job functions, seniority, business-to-business (B2B) topic interests, and buyer intent. This makes it easier and faster to report and demonstrate specific business-audience value to advertisers and brands in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

An infographic titled "TEI Bombora Publisher Study" showcasing the benefits of using Bombora for audience data monetization.

Introducing Bombora as a leading solution for publisher monetization 

Bombora’s Company Surge® — a type of Intent data — offers a scalable way for publishers to identify and track business audiences both firmographically and behaviorally, optimizing content strategies and proving value to the advertising community, especially with the rise of programmatic advertising. As B2B marketing evolves and account-based marketing (ABM) becomes mainstream, real-time data on viewers’ organization profiles, business concerns, buying-team rosters, and behaviors are increasingly valuable to how customers and advertisers are making campaign decisions today.

Quote by director of partnerships for a publisher about leveraging audience data for success

Sourcing data from a proprietary, consent-based data cooperative with over 5,000 B2B websites, Bombora delivers Intent data and purchase insights at scale. About 60-80% of web visitors come and go, unidentified on digital publisher properties. When publishers don’t know their site visitors, it can be hard to build and secure valuable advertising dollars.

Savvy publishers use Bombora’s Data Cooperative to understand and showcase their business audiences. With granular data about visitors’ profiles, interests, and purchase intent, Bombora helps publishers obtain the information they need to convince advertisers their publication is the right one for attracting their respective target audiences.

In addition to demographic and firmographic metrics, Bombora’s Intent data identifies accounts actively researching relevant topics, enabling publishers to offer advertising spaces with trackable business purchase intent. Using a partner-first approach, Bombora also provides data enrichment, solutions, and guidance on data strategy and analysis, as well as additional insights and ad hoc content support.

Insights from the TEI study from Forrester Consulting

In an eye-opening TEI study produced by Forrester Consulting, many critical findings confirm the potential ROI data publishing organizations could achieve by harnessing the power of Company Surge®. The astounding results revealed that, over a three-year period, the representative organization reaped a whopping $4.35 million in benefits against a mere $1 million in costs. This translates to a jaw-dropping net present value (NPV) of $3.35 million and an ROI of 335% — a testament to the potential of Bombora’s product value for publishers in the industry.

Infographic highlighting three advantages of using Bombora's data co-op for publishers

Key findings from the TEI study 

Quantified benefits. Three-year, risk-adjusted present value (PV) quantified benefits included:

A 200% increase in cost per thousand (CPM), worth $2 million over three years

With Bombora’s Intent data, the represented publisher took its advertising game to the next level by fine-tuning its approach to reach the highly sought-after viewers listed in advertisers’ ABM customer lists.

Post-campaign, the organization demonstrated that it not only attracted page views, but also succeeded in engaging the exact target audience its clients were aiming for. This strategic approach has allowed it to sell guaranteed views to its target audiences, which in turn has enabled it to bump up the prices of its ads without breaking a sweat.

Over three years, the increased CPMs have translated into a $2 million windfall for the organization, a feat supported by the insights provided by Bombora’s planning and measurement suite.

A 10% improvement in partner and campaign retention, delivering over $2.2 million in profit

Bombora’s innovative audience data solution was credited with a notable 10% increase in both partner and campaign retention on completion of the study. The proprietary technology empowers teams to not only access a wealth of data, but also share it with their organization’s content and advertising partners.

The content team of the represented organization was able to provide insightful recommendations on audience and content prioritization based on the specific interests of its clients’ target accounts.

The outcome? A remarkable improvement in partner and campaign retention. Over a three-year period, with more than 200 additional content partners or campaigns renewed, the enhanced retention has contributed an impressive $2.2 million in profits to the organization.

A higher advertising campaign win rate, contributing more than $63,000 of profit

Leveraging Bombora’s Intent data and insights for pre-campaign reporting has proven to be a game changer. By providing a deeper understanding of their audiences, publishers can better tailor their pitches to potential clients, resulting in a higher percentage of new content-partnership and advertising-campaign deals. Over a three-year period, this increased win rate translated into $63,000 in profit for the represented organization.

Improved team productivity, saving 425 hours annually and equating to more than $57,000 

Leveraging Bombora’s dynamic dashboards, interviewee team members could not only answer client queries with remarkable speed, but also tackle questions that previously remained unanswered. The end result was a significant boost in collaboration among teams, who could now seamlessly distribute insights across the organization, effectively reducing individual follow-ups and lingering uncertainties.

The impact of Bombora’s technology on productivity was as staggering as it is undeniable — the time saved translates to a jaw-dropping $57,000 in value for the organization over a three-year period.

Publisher quote showcasing Bombora's ability to provide valuable insights for strengthening relationships with advertisers and internal team members, by improving job efficiency.

Winning with privacy-compliant audience data 

As more and more publishers turn to Bombora for its unparalleled audience insights, it’s clear that the platform is quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the race to win the hearts (and wallets) of advertisers. Bombora’s prowess in audience data monetization is proving to be a game-changer for organizations wanting to stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re a publisher looking to learn more about how Bombora’s Intent data and Data Co-op solutions can help you monetize your audience faster, please reach out today to learn more.

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