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Global business news publication | Case study

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Bombora For Publishers A Forrester study commissioned by Bombora

Business news publication utilizing Bombora’s data won more advertising deals and saw its partner and client retention rise.

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In the publishing industry, proven viewership is more important than ever. Having an incomplete audience understanding means missing out on revenue, but profiling transient viewers can be incredibly costly to scale.

Media planners will consolidate their ad spend into fewer, stronger channels or partners, and they face internal pressure to demonstrate ROI on their marketing investments, which makes it imperative for publishers to prove their value.


By being a part of the Bombora Data Co-op, member websites receive value in exchange for contribution to the shared data pool. Members are able to understand and analyze their audiences and help publishers demonstrate real value and beat out competition.

Publishers thrive on their quality content and their audiences.

So this global business news organization increased the value of its Co-op partnership with Bombora and sought to improve sales opportunities and post-campaign analytics reporting for clients.

Investing in Bombora’s data and being a member of Bombora’s Data Co-op allowed this global business news organization to gain access to deeper insights about its audience and site visitors, both point-in-time and over time.

Its content and sales operations teams gained direct access to Bombora’s data instead of going through a third party. With Bombora’s dashboards, they gained the ability to answer client questions faster, with more value, and answer questions that they previously couldn’t answer at all.

With the additional value, it won more advertising deals, successfully raised prices, and saw its partner and client retention rise.

Consistently delivering deep insights led to a lot of retained business with advertisers because the organization delivered recommendations about how to prioritize audiences and content based on what topics its target accounts were interested in, and it ensured partners and advertisers reached their ideal audiences.

Advertisers appreciated knowing what to write about to reach their target audiences when they’re responsible for publishing content.

"[Bombora] plays a large hand in the retention of almost all of our partners because our audience insights are really what move the needle and get people excited about the partnerships and show success.”

Director of partnerships Business news publication

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“What Bombora allowed us to do is really provide in-depth insights and answer almost any question that one of our partners may have on their audience."

Director of partnerships Business news publication

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“Bombora is an industry-standard data provider recognized by many of our clients."

Director of partnerships Business news publication

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And Bombora provides more than just data. The insights are actually actionable with measurable ROI.

“They take a deeper look to see company information and audience insights based on companies that are engaging with specific sections and channels within our site, and we can take those insights and provide them directly to our partners to let them know that finance professionals are reading this, and IT professionals are reading this section more than any other section on [our website],” said the director of partnerships of the business news publication.

200% increase to cost per mille (CPM)

Self-serving access to proof and insights to wider groups across the organization cut down on individual clarification and unanswered questions. The saved time is worth more than a whopping $57,000 to the interviewees’ organization over three years.

Higher advertising-campaign win rate

With Bombora's pre-campaign reporting, the organization was better able to showcase its audience to potential customers and it thus won a higher percentage of new content-partnership and advertising campaign deals.

10% partner/ campaign retention improvement

The evidence and data go hand-in-hand. After three years and with more than 200 additional content partners or campaigns renewed, this increased retention delivers more than $2.2 million in profit.

How can you get results like this large business news publication?

Reach out to Bombora’s Co-op Success Team to learn how you can bring the most relevant audiences to your customers using Intent data.

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