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Keyfactor increases pipeline by 86% implementing an ABX approach with Intent data

Keyfactor is a B2B software platform that helps Fortune 500 companies keep their IT infrastructures secure by automating the creation, deployment, and lifecycle management of keys and digital certificates.

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Keyfactor was challenged with managing their marketing spend more effectively. The team wanted a way to increase the efficiency of their digital advertising and SDR outreach, so they sought to add an account-based experience (ABX) strategy to their existing volume velocity program.


To kickstart their ABX journey, Keyfactor integrated Bombora’s Intent data into the front end of their marketing and SDR flows. This Intent data allowed Keyfactor to easily create a hierarchy of account prioritization, where accounts are automatically promoted from general ‘always-on’ advertising into more personalized and segmented programmatic campaigns based on their level of activity and active interest.

As their ABX program matured, Keyfactor upgraded their Bombora subscription to monitor 21 Intent topic clusters. Starting with Bombora was key. They now feed this data into 6sense for their predictive modeling and display advertising capabilities.


Grafting an Intent data-fueled ABX leg onto their existing funnel resulted in an 86% increase in pipeline in a single year, and knowing which accounts are in-market has increased SDR efficiency by 84%.

“It doesn’t matter which program we’re running [volume velocity or ABX]. Everything starts with Intent data to ensure we’re responding to what our target audience’s behavior is at that specific point in time,” said Kelly Webb, director of global marketing programs for Keyfactor.

How can other businesses get results like Keyfactor?

“Start with Bombora to make sure you get full buy-in from your organization — as it’s more cost-effective and easier to implement with a smaller team than predictive modeling — and make sure you align closely with your Bombora rep to develop a plan around your topic clusters. Then start identifying accounts, leads, and contacts for outreach and crafting your messaging based on the best available information,” said Kelly.

“You really have to believe in your strategy.”

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