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Just Global | Customer success story

Just Global Leverages Intelligent Account Targeting iABM drives successful B2B engagement for a global cloud storage customer

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Proving ROI while also executing precisely targeted B2B campaigns can be a headache for any B2B digital marketer.

Just Global, an award-winning agency known for its innovative approach to marketing, encountered a common but challenging situation: reaching out effectively to a diverse set of companies for their customers’ ABM campaigns.

Challenge: Tackling the intricacies of B2B campaigns

The team at Just Global often found themselves grappling with the limitations of conventional digital strategies. Traditional approaches don’t always hit the mark, particularly when it comes to tailoring campaigns to reach a diverse range of business sizes. “It’s an ongoing challenge to provide relevant data that matters to customers,” said Kelly Barrett, Programmatic Manager at Just Global.

Traditional DSPs are designed for efficiency and scale and often fall short in catering to the specific needs of B2B advertisers. As a result, B2B advertisers typically experience underdelivery to mid-sized companies and non-delivery to small companies on their ABM lists.  While this is a less expensive way of targeting companies, it wasn’t able to meet the needs of Just Global and their client.

In an effort to bridge the gap for a particular global cloud storage customer, they sought a means to effectively engage more of the accounts on their ABM list.

Solution: iABM solves comprehensive B2B campaign optimization

After conversations with Bombora, The Trade Desk, and Chalice AI, Just Global placed its confidence in iABM as a key solution to refine and elevate its customers’ ABM targeting strategies. iABM, or intelligent ABM, is the result of a collaboration between Bombora, The Trade Desk, and Chalice AI designed to provide B2B advertisers with the ability to intelligently engage accounts at scale.

iABM was designed to achieve delivery to all accounts within a campaign and to provide the sophisticated tools needed for optimization, delivery, and transparent reporting.

“To help make iABM a success for Just Global, we helped them define account level frequency caps that would meet their customer’s campaign needs and delivered reporting allowing them to track performance and make valuable in-flight adjustments,” said Jake Henry, VP of accounts at Bombora.

Key results and impact: Refining strategies for scalable reach

Through a series of fine-tuned adjustments and proper alignment of their customer’s strategy with campaign performance, Just Global was able to focus ad delivery to the core audience segments and quickly measure results.

The use of iABM led to:

  • Better alignment of campaign goals with client expectations.
  • Optimized use of their marketing resources.
  • Visibility into campaign performance on an account level.

What’s next: iABM charts a path forward for B2B advertising 

Navigating the complexities of the B2B advertising market requires agencies and brands alike to embrace innovative strategies and leverage tools like iABM to ensure they reach their desired target accounts.

“With the right approach and the openness to try new ideas, even the most intricate marketing challenges can be transformed into opportunities for both the agency and its customers,” advises Kelly.


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