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Bombora’s 74% match rate: Identity resolution and why it matters

Accurately identifying high-value accounts through the use of Intent data can make all the difference in gaining a competitive edge. Understanding and quantifying company coverage will ensure you partner with Intent data provider who will deliver meaningful Intent signals and drive revenue for your business throughout your growth phases. At Bombora, our resolution methodologies enable account identification with unparalleled precision, delivering the most advanced Intent data. 

Let’s dive into the more details about identity resolution and why it matters.

Understanding and quantifying domain coverage

When evaluating Intent data providers, a provider’s ability to identify accounts and map intent back to these accounts will directly impact revenue. Providers with broad account coverage and high match rates lead to expanded account lists for your marketing and salespeople.  

Calculating match rates

Talking about Identity resolution is a complex topic, with varying terms and percentages presented to the market. Intent data providers often use the terms ‘match rate’ to quantify their ability to map individuals to accounts within their datasets and the term ‘account identification rate’ to mean the accuracy of these account predictions. While resolving individuals to accounts can add value, we believe it can lead to inflated match rates based on non-business activity and does not translate to tangible business results.

We believe the most impactful ‘match rate’ for customers is the percentage of business activity that is resolved to an account. We adhere to this philosophy and strive to provide the highest quality Intent Data representative of true B2B activity that leads to meaningful results for our customers. Sounds simple, right? 

Bombora Intent data: Identity resolution

What matters most about match rates

While the rate itself might be easy to understand, there are specific factors we use to determine when to associate co-op activity to an account (that’s the impactful part). These factors are critical to the accuracy and effectiveness of Bombora’s Intent data and directly impact match rates. The key factors to be considered when evaluating the impact match rates have on the ROI of Intent data include:

  • Business activity identification 
  • Diversity of data sources
  • Data quality

Business activity identification

AI-Powered behavioral analysis

Bombora leverages advanced AI methodologies to analyze behavioral patterns and identify B2B activity. This B2B activity is then categorized and mapped to accounts to surface meaningful buying behavior. Time is your most valuable resource. By separating business research from non-business research, you can spend your time and resources focusing on the accounts most likely to buy.  

Account identification methodologies

Behind the scenes, we use a combination of deterministic and probabilistic methodologies to identify accounts. Once business activity is resolved to an account, internal standards must be met in order for the activity to be considered valuable intent data and added to our B2B account graph.  

Intent data source diversity

When scouting for an Intent data provider, there are a couple of considerations you should take into account:

  • The source of their data
  • Who are their data partners

Bombora’s B2B Data Co-op allows us access to proprietary first-party business research from thousands of publishers, partners and brands. This business research is then aggregated to an account before being surfaced as Intent data. Our direct relationships with an extensive list of cooperative members ensures both a comprehensive view of B2B buying behavior and continued privacy compliance. 

To further enhance Bombora’s identity resolution capabilities, we have established strategic partnerships with trusted data providers. These additional datasets power enriched B2B account graph validation and bridge the gap between our internal data and external identity graphs. This ensures a richer and more accurate understanding of business identities and leads to scale improvements.

Intent data quality

Bombora subscribes to the philosophy that IPs don’t capture the full research journey. Business research occurs in a variety of environments and requires a diverse set of identifiers in order to capture and resolve all business activity. Subscribing to this philosophy requires an extensive network of partners and unique account identifiers which can be matched at scale.

Bombora’s comprehensive network maps to more than 8.5+ million accounts globally and contributes to our internal B2B account graph. Our account graph is updated consistently and new business activity is captured whenever it occurs within our Data Co-op.

Bombora’s match rate

Quality matters! And at Bombora, we believe that both volume and quality are critical to successfully mapping business activity to accounts and leads to a 74% match rate. It’s important to note that while we resolve 8.5+ million accounts, these accounts may not display increased business research and therefore will not be present in our weekly data sets. 

Identity resolution is key to the data we provide for our customers’ success. With this in mind, we recognize that the landscape of identity is changing and requires consistent evolution. Some of the ways we are doing this include:

  • Expanding our data network
  • Advancing behavioral modeling techniques 
  • Partnering with industry leaders to develop and test unique identifiers 
  • Improving probabilistic identity resolutions
  • Validating data consistency 

Our commitment to advancing our identity resolution capabilities sets Bombora apart, and ensures customers who leverage Bombora’s Intent data are protected against future implications to an ever changing privacy landscape. 

In the fiercely competitive world of B2B marketing, Bombora’s proprietary approach to Intent data and identity resolution sets the standard. Customers who leverage Bombora gain the competitive edge needed to identify high-value accounts and drive revenue.

Interested in learning more, contact your Bombora rep and happy surfing through the waves on Intent data.

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