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Say goodbye to cold outreach

Connect to the most motivated accounts with the right messages — using Bombora's Company Surge®.

Know which leads are hot

Use Intent data to prioritize leads, so you waste less time and close more deals with the same sales effort.

Take the guesswork out of prioritizing your target account list

Bombora’s Company Surge® Analytics gives you insight into which accounts are most actively researching what you sell. Now you can use your time most effectively by ranking your prospect list by the highest likelihood to close.

Know exactly what to say to advance the deal

You don’t have to settle for generic outreach – Company Surge® Analytics specifies which subjects your target accounts are researching from an ever-growing list of 15,600 B2B topics. Be confident that your outreach will be relevant, timely, and well-received.

See all your data in one place

Make your existing tools more powerful. Bombora integrates with all of the leading CRM and sales acceleration tools making it easy to apply Company Surge® Intent data into dashboards, sales workflows, and email sequences. No hopping between systems and spreadsheets.

Intent data in action:

How can we help you succeed today?

Demand Identification and Campaign Optimization

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Sales Intelligence and Revenue Acceleration

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Churn Reduction and Account Expansion

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Try Intent data for free

Coordinate sales and marketing activities around businesses that are in active research mode. Test drive Intent data for free with Company Surge® Alerts and receive a weekly email with 10 of your hottest prospects.