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Find the businesses who are ready to buy, before your competitors do.

Connect and sell using the industry’s most comprehensive Intent data.

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Go beyond targeting

Demographics don’t define who’s ready to buy – action does. Bombora measures prospects’ digital journey across 5,000+ premium B2B websites, so you know exactly what prospects are in the market for, letting you guide them to your solution.

The most comprehensive data

Quality data from the only Intent data Co-op in the industry.

Delivering funnel impact

Level up your sales and marketing process from Intent targeting to deal acceleration.

With simple integrations

All the benefits of Intent data working seamlessly in your current stack.

"Company Surge® methodology has become the de facto industry standard for noise filtering, and its co-op of more than 5,000 sites is a differentiator due to the exclusivity agreements it’s negotiated with 87% of the sites."

The Forrester WaveTM B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023

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“When things are good, you overlook the data and what you should be doing. That's what you should NOT do. You don't end up changing. You need to challenge the status quo.”

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Viral Bajaria CTO & Co-founder at 6sense

"The Theory of Constraints is a problem-solving framework. It forces a reflection on what the goal of the system is and what is constraining it."

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Dan Staresinic VP of Marketing & Communications at Siemens

"Our marketing messaging focuses on outcomes. Being able to talk about the outcomes of what our solutions bring and what resources they free up is huge."

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Michael Marcellin CMO at Juniper Networks

Look who’s already made the leap to buyer-led marketing with Bombora Intent data

Actions speak louder than words

…so don’t just listen to what your prospects say. Supplement your existing marketing and sales strategies with ethically-gathered Co-op Intent data to shorten your sales cycle, boost engagement, and keep your existing customers happy.

Sales Intelligence and Revenue Acceleration

Know which leads are hot

Use Intent data to prioritize your leads, waste less time, and close more deals with the same sales effort.

Intent data for Sales

Demand Identification and Campaign Optimization

Boost digital engagement

Only serve ads, emails, and assets to the prospects with an active appetite to learn more about what you sell.

Intent data for Demand

Churn Reduction and Account Expansion

Keep your customers engaged and happy

Understand if your existing customers have new needs or buying interests by monitoring their online research.

Intent data for Retention

Your process, amplified

You don’t have to change everything. Bombora Intent data seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use.

Want to know what your prospects want to buy?

We’ve assembled the Co-op, aggregated and organized the data, and made it easy to activate. All you need to do is click the button below.

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