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The Intent Data Exchange Podcast

Accelerating B2B Revenue Growth

Welcome to The Intent Data Exchange

The Intent Data Exchange is a podcast for sales, marketing, publishing, and data professionals seeking the latest insights from the B2B ecosystem. Each episode will feature conversations about solving customer problems, reinventing demand generation, deploying intent data and getting better outcomes from your B2B sales and marketing.

The Intent Data Exchange PodcastThe Intent Data Exchange Podcast


Episode 17: Selling the value of Intent data to the entire marketing ecosystem, with J.P. Joyce

You don’t know what you don’t know.

So a multinational enterprise approached Bombora to help them find and fill the gaps in their buyer’s journey they even know they had. 

In this special podcast episode of The Intent Data Exchange, Marc Johnson and J.P. Joyce of Bombora chat about a B2B enterprise’s journey to enrich their first-party data and better understand how Intent data can be used throughout the customer journey, not just in sales and marketing.

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Episode 16: Position your enterprise for GTM success, with Lauren Davis

In this special podcast episode of The Intent Data Exchange, Marc Johnson and Lauren Davis of Bombora chat about a global management consulting firm’s journey to implement Intent data and the strategic moves that came into play to position this customer for a cookieless future.

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Episode 15: Leadership priorities to take into 2023, with Rich Eldh

How can you be the leader your team really needs? This latest podcast episode has some insight.

In this podcast episode of The Intent Data Exchange, Mike Burton, VP of data sales and co-founder of Bombora chats with Rich Eldh, co-founder & managing director at Sirius Decisions, now Forrester. 

Rich discusses his interesting career journey — from a salmon canning company in Alaska to being the founder of SiriusDecisions, a B2B research and advisory firm, before its acquisition by Forrester.

Check out this podcast episode to hear key his learnings along the way and the moves leaders should consider to build a collaborative, resilient team.

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Episode 14: New revenue in an unexpected place, with Dale Scoggin

In this special podcast episode of The Intent Data Exchange, Marc Johnson and Dale Scoggin of Bombora chat about a payment card provider’s journey to implement Intent data and the collaborative effort to partner with this Bombora customer.

Listen to this podcast episode to hear the unexpected way Dale discovered this opportunity, practical and tangible advice for B2B personal selling, and the Bombora integrations that make it easy for this customer to see what their prospects are in-market for.

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Episode 13: How Bombora helps customers get a complete view of the B2B buyer’s journey, with McKenzie Farquharson

In this special podcast episode, McKenzie Farquharson, enterprise customer success manager at Bombora, joined Marc Johnson, COO at Bombora, to share her experience implementing Intent data for a network and system management software customer.

McKenzie gets into the nitty gritty and shares:

  • How the Bombora team worked with the customer’s marketing and marketing operations team to implement the Intent data in 6sense
  • The analysis of a list of topics and closed won accounts to understand the buyer’s journey of each product
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Episode 12: How to start ABM: Starting small versus an all-in-one approach, with Hillary Carpio

Is there a wrong or right way to do ABM?

Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake, dishes some ABM adoption tips in this episode of The Intent Data Exchange with Mike Burton, VP of data sales and Bombora co-founder.

In addition to hearing the story of her career path, you’ll hear Hillary’s formula for aligning marketing with SDRs and Snowflake’s plans for scalable and consistent growth.

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Episode 11: Key elements of a unified go-to-market strategy for 2022 and beyond, with Scott Vaughan

After several CMO and business leadership roles, Scott Vaughan is an active advisor and consultant working with CMO, CXOs, founders, and the like. 

Listen to this episode of The Intent Data Exchange to hear Mike Burton, VP of data sales and Bombora co-founder, chat with Scott about his experience executing growth, revenue, and go-to-market (GTM) strategies for top tech businesses. 

In addition to hearing the stories of his career path, you’ll hear:

  • Key elements of a truly unified GTM strategy (and the characteristics of a bad one)
  • Why a GTM strategy is not a sales or marketing responsibility
  • Where common internal B2B disconnects are 
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Episode 10: Inspire your entrepreneurial pursuit - The story of 6sense’s success, with Viral Bajaria

Every startup has a story behind its successes and roadblocks. Viral Bajaria, CTO and co-founder of 6sense, led 6sense through a transformation when the market was asking for something else — and succeeded beyond expectations.

Listen to this episode of The Intent Data Exchange to hear the story of how 6sense was founded and the factors that help shape its mission and global culture today. You’ll also hear the advice he tells every entrepreneur like:

  • Challenging the status quo
  • What it takes to reinvent your business
  • A common oversight when your business is growing
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Episode 9: Driving an agile approach to change management, with Matt Diiorio

As the assistant VP of global brand and marketing at MetLifeMatt Diiorio has helped his teams adopt a new mindset for continuous growth and improvement.

In this episode of The Intent Data Exchange, you’ll hear Matt’s career journey and his must-haves for building a culture of change with agile approaches, like:

  • Having advocates within the organization embrace change and test new tactics
  • Aligning on guidance from a Northstar to drive collaboration
  • Celebrating the wins and identifying the setbacks
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Episode 8: Embracing a customer experience strategy that drives growth, with Michael Marcellin

As CMO of Juniper Networks, Michael Marcellin is responsible for driving growth and ensuring their products expand successfully into new markets and verticals. In today’s fast-paced world, is there an accelerated way to get customers to experience the value and ROI of your products?

Listen to this episode of The Intent Data Exchange to hear Michael’s customer-listening strategy for growth. Key takeaways include:

  • How to build a winning customer service and support team that reduces churn
  • Organizational changes that help deliver differentiated value to customers
  • Recommendations to guide product development to maximize opportunities
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Episode 7: Effective data-inspired storytelling, with Randi Barshack

Randi Barshack, CMO of RollWorks, has a diverse career path with a background in Japanese film production. She applies the skills she’s learned as a filmmaker to really listen to the market and build solutions that bring value to the B2B and ABM space.

Listen to this episode of The Intent Data Exchange to hear: 

  • Randi’s journey from Japanese filmmaking to B2B marketing
  • Tips on how to develop your marketing stories
  • Her perspective on where the marketing industry is headed
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Episode 6: Reducing the impact of constraints to problem-solve more strategically, with Dan Staresinic

Dan Staresinic, VP of Marketing & Communications at Siemens U.S., brings an engineering mindset to effectively problem-solve for growth.

Listen to this episode of The Intent Data Exchange to hear:

  • Examples of how Dan applies the Theory of Constraints at Siemens
  • Why identifying a constraint can be a challenge to answer
  • How to make collaborative problem-solving work for your team
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Episode 5: Inspiring sales and marketing alignment, with Putney Cloos

With Putney Cloos‘ experience at Kraft Foods, McKinsey & Company, and American Express, she has seen many impactful changes in B2B sales, marketing, and eCommerce throughout the years. Now, as Chief Marketing Officer of Cision, she leads her team with a unique philosophy and works with her sales and marketing teams to generate real outcomes.

Hear our conversation with Putney as we discuss:

  • Affecting change and sparking joy at a mid-sized company while delivering results from the front lines
  • Inspiring sales and marketing alignment by utilizing Intent data to fuel real metrics for success
  • The intersection of sales and marketing in the consumer goods industry and how it translates to the B2B world
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Episode 4: Growing account-based marketing on LinkedIn, with Liz Demers

To help businesses achieve more, LinkedIn has been continuously innovating its ABM solutions and marketing partner program.

Liz Demers, Senior Partner Manager at LinkedIn, is part of the team that spearheaded the ABM partner program launch.

Join as we discuss with Liz:

  • Her career path and journey to building the ABM partner program at LinkedIn
  • Common use cases for accessing data in LinkedIn campaigns
  • How to balance serving your partners while driving success to your program
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Episode 3: How Intent data sets help you connect with your audience, with Brandon Friesen

Marketing with data is all about trying to put your audience at the center of the universe and understanding when, where, and how you connect to them. Right audience, right message, right time. How does data make that happen?

Hear our conversation with Brandon Friesen, CEO at Just Global, Inc.:

  • The origin story of Brandon and Just Global
  • A recipe for using data to help plan campaign
  • Measurement, conversion, and strategy — based on data
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Episode 2: Innovation is the key to continual growth, with Paul Logue

Things are constantly changing in every industry. For your industry to remain successful, you have to have innovative ideas to move your business forward.

Paul Logue, SVP and Global Head of Insight at SAP, has made a career of coming up with new strategies to increase the productivity of companies he has worked with.

Join our conversation with Paul about:

  • How Paul went from an aerospace engineer to his career in sales and marketing
  • Bottlenecks leading to great innovation
  • Using data to strategically help the company
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Episode 1: A first look, with Mike Burton

The Intent Data Exchange Podcast: A First Look

Technology is enabling a lot of sales and marketing departments to reach a wider audience, but in doing so, creates a lot of digital pollution to cut through.

In this introductory episode, we speak with Co-Founder of Bombora and host of Intent Data Exchange, Mike Burton, who shares what we can expect from the show and the reason for its creation.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The industry’s biggest challenge
  • Who Bombora is making the podcast for
  • Types of conversations that will be had
  • What’s unique about working in the Intent data space
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