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Enrich your contact database with Company Surge®.

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Lusha Overview

Lusha’s Intent solution observes a business’ behavioral signals, indicating which products and services they are interested in. Marketing and sales teams can reach the right prospects when they are most likely to buy, increasing the probability of closing a deal.

B2B buying behavior can change over time, so the freshness of the data is critical to its effectiveness. By integrating with Bombora Company Surge®, we enrich our most current dataset with key insights at a company level.

As a Bombora-Powered partner, Lusha ingests Bombora’s Company Surge® data to enrich contact data and ensure businesses can engage with the right stakeholders at the most active stage of the buying cycle.


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How does Lusha use Intent data?

  1. Detect in-market businesses that are searching for your solution – Lusha enables customers to select the intent topics that are most relevant to their business, surfacing the accounts that are showing the most buying activity at critical stages in the buying cycle.
  2. Analyze business behavioral signals using AI and machine learning algorithms – Bombora Company Surge® data uses AI and machine learning engines to provide contextual insight into a business’ research behavior, generating the most accurate and actionable signals in the market.
  3. Turn buying signals into actionable insights –  Combine accurate contact data with B2B buying behavior to supercharge your prospecting efforts.



What are the benefits of this?

  • Identify potential buyers sooner – Spend less time on cold calls and emails and leverage Company Surge® data to understand your account’s interests and proactively engage buying committee members with timely, relevant messaging.
  • Increase conversion rates – Company Surge® data is used to create personalized messaging to increase conversion rates and accelerate deal velocity.
  • More efficient sales cycles – Sales reps can prioritize accounts showing the most B2B intent, engaging key contacts when buying behavior increases, and reducing the time spent in the sales process.

“In a stable economy, outbound sales outreach is overlooked due to the incoming flow of prospects through marketing efforts. As markets change and budgets are cut, go-to-market teams have to be more proactive in their tactics, making outbound sales efforts a must. Lusha’s Intent capabilities pair our highly accurate prospect database with real-time buyer Intent data to make outbound efforts more effective and efficient, enabling teams to target relevant prospects at precisely the right time.”

Yoni Tserruya, co-founder and CEO of Lusha

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