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Informa Markets | Case study

Qualifi, Informa’s data activation and marketing intelligence team, drives engagement from new and niche audiences

Informa Markets creates platforms for industries and specialist markets to trade, innovate, and grow. Through more than 450 international B2B brands, Informa provides opportunities to engage, experience, and do business via live and virtual experiences, specialist digital content, and actionable data solutions.

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Informa was looking for ways to attract new customers and stand out from the crowd of other publishers.

“The sales team wanted to find a way to be noticeably better than what’s out there,” noted Len Roberto, audience and data management director at Informa. “There’s a lot of other people in this space.”

Roberto noticed that one of his customers’ most challenging problems was that they’d get back a decent number of leads, but they wouldn’t always be the right ones. “You don’t want to have to talk to 200 prospects if only five of them are who you really want to talk to,” said Roberto.

Prompted by these challenges, Roberto began to look into the benefits Intent data could offer Informa and its customers.


After being ‘burned’ by a few other Intent data suppliers, Roberto began working with Hsiaolei Miller, Bombora’s VP of insights and partner success, to develop a strategy to form a more targeted list of accounts for each campaign.

Now when customers approach Informa with their target demographic data, Roberto first uses Bombora’s third-party Company Surge® Intent data to discover which criteria-meeting accounts are currently researching the relevant Intent topics for his customer. He then cross-references this account list with Informa’s first-party data to uncover which prospects are most likely to respond.

The benefits of this strategy are twofold:

  • Informa can help its customers narrow down huge lists of contacts by detecting which businesses are currently interested in relevant Intent topics and which are not.
  • Informa can find additional audiences for its customers by seeing which businesses are currently researching Intent topics similar to its customers’ offerings (even if they weren’t included in the original demographic data).

And, so far, it’s working like a charm.

"With demographic data alone, we were getting response rates of around .2%, but now with Intent data, this often goes over 1% — sometimes as high as 2%."

Len Roberto Audience and data management director, Informa


Because of the success Informa’s customers were seeing with an Intent-driven approach, Informa decided to use Intent data for its own internal marketing and prospecting processes by searching for businesses that were researching digital and programmatic advertising.

The result?

“We actually got 10 times higher CTR on our Intent-driven campaign and an 18 times reduction in cost per click (CPC), which was huge!” reported Roberto.

The next phase

Informa’s Intent data approach is working so well that they’re considering running Intent-only campaigns (without any demographic filtering at all), and, according to Roberto, campaign performance isn’t the only thing Bombora’s Intent data is improving —

“Bringing Intent data to the table makes our client relationships feel less transactional and more like a partnership. Like, we’re not just going to take your money and run your ad,” said Roberto. “We’re a partnership, and we’re going to continue to work together to make this better.”

And this intent-powered partnership is what makes Informa even more valuable to their publisher customers.

How can you get results like Informa?

Reach out to Bombora’s Co-op Success Team to learn how you can bring the most relevant audiences to your customers using Intent data.