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A glance into manufacturing’s content research: Unveiling top findings

I’m a marketer (just like you), so, when I am identifying what content should be created for my industry of interest, I turn to our data to first understand what topics those in the industry are actively researching.

Some more fun facts and a little background about me: not only am I a proud Bommie (that’s how we Bombora employees identify ourselves), but I am also a long-time user of Bombora Intent data from the days before I joined this team.

In case you didn’t know – Bombora Intent data unveils some fascinating research trends by the world’s largest manufacturers this year. Catch that full trends report here.

So, imagine my surprise when I was doing my content research that I found that my industry of interest — manufacturers in this case — was researching content too! More specifically, “content personalization” and other content-related topics. 

Let’s dive into my findings!

Content research from manufacturers

Content personalization is the most prominent of all topics trending among the top manufacturers. Over the last 90 days, more than 40% of them have been actively researching what is needed to deliver personalized content experiences to their customers.

In a time where the difference between manufacturers in terms of quality and price can be minuscule, having loyal customers is critical for survival. By understanding their audience’s needs and interests, they’re tailoring their content to resonate on a deeper level, elevating customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty. Wink wink –  this is the process I went through using Bombora Intent data to find the right topic for this blog. 

Next, let’s dive into the world of content management systems as a research topic. Another major content research trend that has emerged in the last 90 days is the priority given to efficiency, so it makes sense that almost 30% of the large manufacturers examined have been researching ways to streamline content creation, distribution, and updates, ensuring the right information reaches the right audience at precisely the right time, leaving their customers engaged and impressed. 

Siemens uses Bombora Intent data to do this, and it led to 400 new pipeline opportunities  Check out the details of Siemens’ Intent data-driven demand gen strategy here.

Coming in at 27% of companies reviewed, user-generated content has also been a topic on the rise as a significant trend in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are actively exploring the power of building a strong community around their products as a way to foster loyalty. Encouraging customers to share their thoughts and feedback has become the driving force behind trust and loyalty, creating a genuine and heartfelt connection with their brand.

manufacturing content research

Other content-related topics that at least 20% of the top manufacturers have been researching are:

  • Content recommendation
  • Sales content strategy
  • Content sharing

All of this research activity over the past 90 days points to the fact that manufacturers need to be arming themselves with data-driven insights to guide potential buyers along a content journey filled with purpose and excitement. Bombora can help them do this and more with masterful precision to ensure they’re hitting all the right notes. With the right data strategy, every customer can engage with content that resonates with them, which leads to confident purchase decisions — especially when the RFI process is so long.

Personalizing the buyer journey was identified as one of the top trends marketers need to know about in 2023 in Bombora’s Annual State of Intent data report, The State of Intent data: 6 trends.

So there you have it — the top trends that have been shaping the content landscape in the manufacturing industry over the last 90 days, thanks to the powerful insights provided by Bombora Intent data. I love embracing the power of data-driven research as it opens the door to endless possibilities, and I can’t wait to see what other insights our Intent data will show.

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