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Sales Intelligence and Revenue Acceleration Staring at a list of target accounts with no idea where to start? - Imagine knowing what each account is looking for and how intently they are looking for it.

Casey Carey CMO at Kazoo

"When we used Company Surge® scores as a prioritization mechanism, we saw 2-3x reply rates compared to not using the data. We felt really confident about the Intent data showing strong signals about who is in-market."

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15% of target buyers are in-market for what you sell

Find them with Intent data

Get ready for your next win

That’s right, Bombora amplifies sales success with Intent data to prioritize your target accounts and determine which topics they’re most interested in.

Say hello to your highest priority prospects

Buyers are actively researching online, so Bombora swoops in and collects all the digital breadcrumbs they’re leaving behind on their travels via our very own industry-leading, Intent data Cooperative.

Works "out of the box" with leading CRMs and sales platforms

This activity is segmented by topics of interest and the data is seamlessly integrated into any of the marketing automation providers in our diverse ecosystem – like Marketo, Salesforce, and HubSpot – so you can quickly apply Company Surge® Intent data into dashboards, sales workflows, and email sequences to increase pipeline and velocity.

Salespeople use Company Surge® Intent data for...


Accounts showing interest rise to the top, so you know who should get the most attention.


Know which topics are top of mind for your target accounts. Have more effective conversations by aligning your message to your prospects’ interests.

Competitive Conquesting

See which target accounts are checking out your competitors and win them over for quick conversions.

Intent data in action:

60% improvement in email open rates

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Better account prioritization

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2x more leads per account

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Coordinate sales and marketing activities around businesses that are in active research mode. Test drive Intent data for free with Company Surge® Alerts and receive a weekly email with 10 of your hottest prospects.

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