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Kazoo | Case Study

Kazoo is all in with its predictive and intent-based approach

Kazoo redefines the nature of work by helping businesses create a better employee experience. With a substantial market opportunity and limited marketing resources, Kazoo needed to focus investment and outreach on its highest priority accounts.

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Kazoo’s legacy proprietary fit model, which used business size and industry attributes exclusively, failed to show an increase in conversion rates for high scoring accounts compared to lower scoring accounts. As Kazoo began collecting more data points impacting fit, it started to question the efficacy of its homegrown model and its long-term scalability.


Kazoo selected 6sense’s Account Engagement Platform based on its expertise in the market and its underlying data infrastructure. By using 6sense, Kazoo expanded its fit model to include many more predictive attributes including firmographics, intent, technology install and funding source.

Kazoo also validated that by combining 6sense’s buying stage fit model with Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data, it identified significantly more businesses in the consideration and purchase decision stages.


“When we used Company Surge® scores as a prioritization mechanism, we saw 2-3x reply rates compared to not using the data. We felt really confident about the Intent data showing strong signals about who is in market.”

Casey Carey, CMO at Kazoo

Next Steps

Kazoo is early in the process of rolling out the new model across its marketing and sales channels including Marketo, LinkedIn, programmatic advertising, and outbound SDR sales motions. However, Kazoo is confident that the technology and data foundation built, will drive engagement and results.

“If you think about the concept of a Company Surge® score, it’s not surprising that the activity we’re seeing above the baseline is more predictive. We selected Bombora because we felt really good about the approach, the data sources, the richness of the data and how easy they were to do business with.”

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Casey Carey CMO at Kazoo

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