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ARCOS | Case Study

Driving sales pipeline in emerging markets

ARCOS has been the leading cloud-based resource management platform for the utility industry in North America since 1993.

Realizing that other industries might have similar needs for its solution, ARCOS had a goal of expanding its product offerings into emerging markets, but traditional marketing tactics simply weren’t generating qualified leads.

Company Surge® helped find those interested prospects – driving tremendous results after just one quarter.

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ARCOS had aggressive expansion goals and few resources for demand generation. Traditional marketing tactics like list buying were not generating conversions or sales pipeline in emerging industries. ARCOS needed to find a new way to identify interested buyers.


After assessing multiple providers, ARCOS selected the Marketo integration, noting that the data was much more complete, cohesive, compliant, and that Bombora provided “stellar customer support.”

ARCOS created four distinct Intent topic clusters based on product use cases and matched them with email nurture paths in Marketo. When a target business showed intent on a relevant topic cluster, it would automatically be added to the email nurture path. If the target business took an action, the prospect received a call from ARCOS within an hour.


After just one quarter, Arcos saw a tremendous impact on website traffic, lead conversions and sales pipeline contribution from emerging markets.

Most significantly:

  • 120% increase in website traffic
  • 34% of leads in the first 90 days came from Company Surge® data
  • From nearly no lead conversions in Q1 2019 to 17 in Q1 2020
  • Contributed over $13 million in sales pipeline

The next phase of the Intent data journey

ARCOS plans to expand Intent data activities and explore other emerging industries.

Expansion opportunities include:

  • Company Surge® reports for each sales person to have visibility into their target accounts and tailor talk tracks based on Intent topic interest
  • The COVID-19 pandemic caused declines in target industry businesses researching ARCOS’ Intent topics. However, Intent data has highlighted other industries like healthcare that are interested in their offerings. ARCOS plans to explore expansion into other industries
  • Grow ARCOS’ demand generation team significantly in 2021 to support emerging industries and expand intent marketing programs

Lisa Steinhart VP of Marketing and Product at ARCOS

“Intent data has helped us build an amazing pipeline and contributed to us achieving 200% of our Q1 goals even with the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact from the first two months of the year made up for the March shortfall and resulted in us exceeding our goals.”

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