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Bombora | Marketo

A Native Integration

Make your target lists smarter. Company Surge® tells you which businesses are interested in your products and services —and what they want to hear. Integrated directly into Marketo.

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Know which accounts to prioritize with what messages - with Bombora Company Surge® and Marketo

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Create data-driven target account lists

Pinpoint the target accounts that want what you sell, and are ready for engagement. Refine your Smart Lists based on Intent data to focus marketing resources on converting in-market accounts, before your competitors do.


Accelerate qualified prospects and route them accordingly

Never miss an opportunity to engage with a qualified prospect. Strengthen lead scoring models based on intent, route them to the right nurture paths to drive further engagement or send them directly to sales for follow up.

Build meaningful prospect conversations

Generate greater impact from lead nurturing strategies by knowing the subjects your target accounts are interested in.

Tailor nurture emails, digital advertising, social posts, videos and sales outreach based on their prioritized topics to increase content effectiveness.

“Snowflake needed to scale its ABM approach, and Bombora enabled our team to use intent-driven insights programmatically to ensure we’re communicating the right messages to the right audience.”

Kanako Imaizumi ABM Manager at Snowflake

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