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Welcome to Bombora Co-op Support! Please let us know how we can help you with our products listed on the page below, and our team will respond to your inquiry within one business day.

If you need to build an audience, please email For everything else, email or submit the form here.

Company Surge®

Company Surge® helps publishers understand which businesses are in-market or their clients’ products or services.

Market Insights

Business research trends across Bombora’s 30 billion pageview Data Co-op.

Learn more about Market Insights

Audience Insights

First-party website activity overlaid with Bombora business demographics and interests.

Learn more about Audience Insights

Digital Audience Builder

Digital Audience Builder creates and delivers audience segments to your ad server for onsite targeting, off-site programmatic extension, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Learn more about Digital Audience Builder

Audience Verification

Audience Verification showcases engagement (companies reached, impressions, unique visitors) from professional audiences directly to customers on banner ad campaigns, and pixeled landing pages.

Learn more about Audience Verification and our Measurement suite

Domain Appends

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