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Bombora | LinkedIn

A Native Integration

Marketers and their agencies can now reach organizations interested in their products or services on the world’s largest professional network. Activate Company Surge® audiences directly in LinkedIn Campaign Manager for greater targeting in your Sponsored Content and InMail ads.

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Know which accounts are motivated by what messages - with Bombora Company Surge® and LinkedIn

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Company Surge® surfaces the right accounts

While there may be thousands of potential accounts to target on LinkedIn, only a fraction are researching your products or relevant topics. Company Surge® uncovers those interested audiences, and through an integration, marketers can focus outreach on those accounts directly on LinkedIn to increase campaign efficiency.


Better messaging based on the right topics

It’s easy to go beyond one-size-fits-all ads. Segment your LinkedIn campaigns based on your target’s interest in any of 15,600 B2B topics. Personalize your ads and get better engagement from your ad budget.

Intent targeting that is always on

One week you’re in and the next week, you’re out. Buying intent changes rapidly, and that’s why the Company Surge® integration for LinkedIn is always up-to-date. Build your campaigns once in LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and each week your audiences will automatically refresh, adding interested organizations and removing outdated ones.

"It's not about making every dollar count. It’s about accounting for every dollar and placing big bets on things that work to get outsized returns. And that's why we chose to move all-in with LinkedIn and Bombora."

James Kessinger CMO at Hushly

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