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Bombora | Adobe

A Native Integration

Enhance your Adobe first-party data with profile and Intent data to recognize and reach your target audience segments.

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Target accounts, on your website and across digital.

What if you could identify relevant prospects on your website? What if you could reach highly interested audiences across broad digital channels, based on their content consumption and Intent data?

Integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud, Bombora’s account and intent attributes enhance your Adobe audience insights for web visitors and extend your digital campaigns to help you engage the most relevant prospects in your paid advertising.

Gain a clearer picture of your web audience.

Bombora enhances your Adobe Analytics data with valuable audience insights – including firmographics, professional function, seniority, and intent. Through Company Surge® proprietary Intent data, identify which businesses are actively researching your products and services.

Personalize your site for high-value visitors.

Use data to personalize your website in real-time to address your visitors’ segment, intent, and topics of interest. Bombora identifies in-market web visitors’ interest in 8,000+ potential topics. With this real-time identification of audience segments, create a dynamic web experience that drives targeted content and messaging for better engagement and conversion. 

Activate in-market audiences in paid media.

Focus your paid media budget on the most relevant audience for your products and services. Refine your ad targeting using attributes such as firmographics, demographics, job function, and Company Surge®. Integrate with Adobe Advertising Cloud to engage B2B prospects across dozens of DSPs, social platforms, and search with more targeted paid media and retargeting campaigns.

"After using Company Surge® to personalize our web experience, we improved our clickthrough rates (CTR) by 48%+ and form submits increased by 50%+.”

Head of Site Personalization at a Publicly-traded Enterprise HR Tech Company

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