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Sellers are focused on more than just churn these days.

Leveraging Bombora Intent data, this quarter’s Sales Pulse report dives into what’s top of mind for sellers today, like streamlining sales forecasting and personalization at scale.

The data provides a pulse into what sellers are researching and exploring to drive more meaningful engagements with their customers and prospects — and even how managers are evaluating their “team cadences” with the team.

Download your copy and get insight into how you can evolve your business strategy to meet the economic conditions based on data snapshots, including top trends by:

  • Categories, such as agencies, creativity, software, and ad tech
  • Industries, like manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services
  • Company size

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“Sales Automation” is the highest increasing topic in Q1, growing 3532% quarter-over-quarter.

Q2 Bombora Sales Pulse Shows Desires to Get Closer to Customers and Prospects

Download the report to see the data snapshots