Company Surge® Data Feeds

Power your business with data

Bombora’s Company Surge® data feeds provide an aggregated supply of company-level Intent data mined from our B2B data network that can be used for predictive analytics, programmatic advertising, website personalization, or lead scoring.


All domains and topics in one

Bombora's Company Surge® data feeds make it easy for you to get all the data you need on all the businesses and topics that we monitor, all in one place.


Enrich your database

Provide your customers with the most comprehensive database of B2B intent data available by incorporating Company Surge® into your own platform. Enable your customers to build digital audiences or customize marketing programs with the knowledge of which organizations are exhibiting active intent for topics relevant to their products or services.


Fuel predictive analytics

Behind every predictive analytics recommendation is data. As the leading provider of B2B intent data, Bombora’s Company Surge® data feeds can be used to fuel the predictive engines of AI technologies and platforms to drive marketing and sales intelligence. Combine Intent data with other B2B data sources in predictive modeling to identify best fit accounts and personalize content for prospecting.


Connect via API integration

Want to connect via API? Bombora has you covered. An API integration is the preferred method that many of our partners access Company Surge® data to save time on updates and customize the file just the way they need it.


Customer testimonial

Our partnership with Bombora ensures that Lattice Engine customers have access to the largest pipes of B2B intent data. The combination of intent data at scale, along with activity and fit data from the Lattice Data Cloud, allow us to identify the best revenue opportunities for our customers throughout all stages of the sales and marketing funnel.

Shashi Upadhyay

CEO, Lattice Engines

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