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Discover the Future of Programmatic Advertising with Bombora's Audience Solutions

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Are you ready to adapt your advertising strategy to the ever-evolving digital landscape?

OMD, Omnicom Media Group’s largest media agency network, faced a similar challenge when it needed to launch a regional campaign for a luxury electric vehicle.

Bombora's audience solutions and Co-op Intent data

By leveraging Bombora’s in-house NLP tool and Co-op Intent data, OMD created effective programmatic campaigns using audience data that signaled high customer intent! As a result, it achieved a 17% lower cost-per-user compared to the regional benchmark — all within budget thanks to a sustainable audience solution.




A sustainable programmatic audience solution

Enhance first-party data and targeting strategies with Bombora’s privacy-compliant Intent data, to drive meaningful ad changes, measurable campaign impact, and focused audience insights, all in the face of privacy regulations and industry changes.

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Download our case study to uncover the full story behind OMD's targeting strategy

Learn how Bombora’s audience solutions can
transform your advertising strategy

Are you ready to maintain the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns in the cookieless future?

Casey Carey

CMO at Kazoo

“When we used Company Surge® scores as a prioritization mechanism, we saw 2-3x reply rates compared to not using the data. We felt really confident about the Intent data showing strong signals about who is in-market.”