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Customer Experience Matrix – Bombora feeds B2B intent data to everyone

April 24, 2015

The following article is an abridged version of an article published on the Customer Experience Matrix, a blog by David M. Raab, Marketing Technology Consultant and Analyst.

One of the little patterns that caught my attention at last week’s Marketo conference was that several vendors mentioned using data from the same source: Madison Logic Data, which recently renamed itself Bombora. The company was already familiar to me through clients who deal with it. But I had never gotten a clear picture of exactly what they do. Those additional mentions finally pushed me to explore further...

Bombora’s core business is assembling data about B2B companies and individuals. All that information has many uses: [feel free to insert your favorite cliché about how data being important]. Like meat packers who use every part of the pig but the squeal, Bombora is determined to squeeze the most value possible from the data it assembles. This means selling its intent data and demographic audience segments for display advertising, marketing automation and email segmentation, web audience analytics, data enhancement, content personalization, media purchasing, and predictive modeling.

Different users get different data: sometimes cookies, device IDs or email addresses, and sometimes by company, individual, or segment. Publishers who contribute data are treated as part of a co-op and get access to all 2,300 intent topics. Others only can select from around 60 summary categories.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’re probably drooling at the thought of all that data.

Read the full article at the Customer Experience Matrix.