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Inbox Insight | Case study

Inbox Insight uses an Intent data-driven approach to find their customers’ hungriest buyers

Inbox Insight are demand generation specialists, leveraging content amplification strategies to ensure customers’ thought leadership reaches the right audience at the right time. They also manage a global community of 4.1M+ senior professionals across IT, Marketing, HR, and Business Management.

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Inbox Insight’s customer (an AI-powered search, discovery, and recommendation engine solution provider) was looking to generate MQLs and raise brand awareness across multiple persona groups within their target account list of over 15,000 organizations.

To make effective use of their time and budget, the customer tapped Inbox Insight to help them narrow down their account list and effectively distribute the content they had created to the accounts with the highest probability of conversion.

Inbox Insight already uses Bombora’s Company Surge® as part of their standard planning process to build target account lists from their customers’ ICPs and target criteria, but this was their first time using Bombora’s Planning and Measurement Suite to help refine a customer’s existing list, and the team first needed training on these advanced tools.


Inbox Insight started their planning process – with the strategic support of Bombora’s Co-op Success team – by conducting a three, six, and 12-month lookback using Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data to identify the strongest Intent trends and firmographics within their customer’s ICP list.

Early research from Bombora’s Intent data uncovered that 47.9% of the target account list were showing Intent signals against their Intent topics in the past 12 months and most of this interest was coming from larger accounts (5,000+ employees). Knowing which accounts were showing the highest level of interest and which topics were of greatest interest to each account allowed Inbox Insight to determine the best content approach and focus their campaign efforts and budget on those accounts that were most likely to convert.

By the numbers

Using Bombora’s Intent data, Inbox Insight uncovered that:

  • 47.9% of its customer’s 15,295 target accounts had shown Intent signals against their Intent topics in the past 12 months
  • Large organizations (5,000+ employees) were demonstrating the highest spikes in Intent (93% increase over baseline)
  • 4,111 accounts were demonstrating 50% or more interest in the Intent topics

This data was instrumental for guiding Inbox Insight’s account prioritization and content strategy efforts.


Inbox Insight had KPIs to serve 350,000 display impressions and generate 844 double-touch MQLs (contacts who had requested at least 2 pieces of content) from the ICP and target accounts within 2 months.

Inbox Insight wrapped up the program over-delivering with 859 MQLs and 454,686 impressions and was able to focus these leads and impressions on the accounts showing the most interest from their planning and research. On top of that, through their content syndication and display advertising efforts, Inbox Insight was able to motivate a 32% boost in relevant research spikes across their customer’s target customer base, and leads showing Intent increased by 34.9% while the campaign was running.

Not only was Inbox Insight able to increase the lead quantity, but they were able to increase the lead quality as well, as the ratio of businesses researching with high Intent grew 73% during the campaign.

Finally, with the help of Bombora’s Co-op Success Manager, Ely Moskowitz, Inbox Insight was able to present these results to the customer to show that their marketing dollars were really making a difference and producing real results.

The next phase

Because of their data-driven approach and exceptional results, the customer is kicking off several subsequent account-based marketing demand initiatives with Inbox Insight!

How can you get results like Inbox Insight?

Reach out to Bombora’s Co-op Success Team for access to the Planning and Measurement Suite, then follow the guidelines below.


1. Pull baseline data on search intensity and topics of interest for your customers’ target accounts

Be sure to uncover additional accounts that should be included in your target list from the demographic data and level of interest

2. With this data in hand, understand which accounts are interested in which specific topics, so you can create more personalized creative


3. Craft creatives, ads, and offers based around the topics of interest for your target accounts

4. Serve your new, personalized ads to the accounts identified from Bombora’s data


5. Design a bespoke campaign impact report with Bombora’s Co-op Success Team to deliver actionable insights to your customer, and win more business!

“Working with Ely [Bombora’s Co-op Success Manager] has been a breeze. We just gave him the brief, and he came back in a day or two with data and suggestions and got the conversation started very quickly.”

Dan Smith Head of Campaign Strategy at Inbox Insight