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Engagement metrics you only dreamed of

Reach the most motivated accounts with the right messages - using Bombora® Company Surge® Analytics.

Prioritized marketing is true Account-Based Marketing

With Intent data through Company Surge® Analytics, focus your marketing team efforts to stay ahead of your top accounts – and competitors.

Same ad spend, next-level engagement

Bombora’s Company Surge® Analytics lets you prioritize your target accounts and understand who’s currently in-market for your products and solutions. Refine your marketing campaigns with Intent-based segmentation and workflows to drive demand and reach accounts before your competitors do.

Know which messages will connect

No more generic ads and messaging – Company Surge® Analytics specifies which content your target accounts are researching from an ever-growing list of 15,600 B2B topics. Now you can use Intent data to customize content to ensure it will match buyers’ interests and drive engagement.

Make the switch to Intent-driven marketing, without switching platforms

With direct integrations into 35+ marketing and sales platforms, you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns and scoring models, without overhauling your existing stack and workflows.

Intent data in action:

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Demand Identification and Campaign Optimization

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Sales Intelligence and Revenue Acceleration

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Churn Reduction and Account Expansion

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