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Why should you hire us as your marketing consultant?

Intent data helps you better understand your buyers' interests

Be intentional with your marketing and sales. 
Focus on accounts most likely to buy from you.

Bombora's Intent data is valuable because it helps you identify accounts that are in market and actively evaluating solutions. When you know which accounts are researching topics related to your business, it leads to better communications with your buyer.

With G2 and Bombora’s integration, new Intent insights are available for accounts interested in your business across G2. Bombora’s Intent data supplements G2 Buyer Intent accounts with details on specific topics they are engaging with across the B2B web. 

The already-powerful G2 data combined with Bombora’s Intent data provides a holistic view of your buyers’ research trends and behaviors.

Request a demo with Bombora to learn how to use this powerful combo for marketing and sales. 

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Get Long Term ROI

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Our ABM campaigns have blown away our executives and sales teams by their performance and immediate impact on our business.

Heather Sutherland

VP, Demand Marketing and Operations at Cloudera

Our site traffic was up 12% year over year. Our costs are down, cost per impression decreased about 60%, cost per clicks decreased 43%, impressions are up, clicks are up.

Kerry McDonough

Account-Based Marketing Team Lead at Braintree

I think the unique thing with Bombora is that we are able to deploy at scale quickly and relatively easily.

Alan Tarkowski

VP of Business Development at Fortinet