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Bombora | SalesIntel

A Bombora-Powered Partner

Intent data and sales intelligence surface the right accounts and decision makers to reach out to.

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SalesIntel Overview

SalesIntel provides accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data that is tested and re-verified every 90 days. With technographic, firmographic, and intent filters, SalesIntel is a buyer contact data resource that helps fuel sales and marketing. 

As a Bombora-Powered partner, SalesIntel offers a limited portion of Company Surge® Intent data directly in its contact data platform, for Enterprise package holders.


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How can Intent data be used in SalesIntel?

  1. Identify accounts with buyer intent – Company Surge® Intent data is available directly in SalesIntel to identify and prioritize accounts that are actively looking for and evaluating solutions.
  2. Find decision makers – Intent data combined with SalesIntel’s 95% accurate contact data identifies decision makers to target at the accounts which are ready to buy.
  3. Build an ICP – Firmographic and technographic data points on converted accounts can be utilized to build a highly focused ICP of new target accounts. 

SalesIntel is offering all Bombora customers a free 1-month trial, to test the fit of its data solution.

What are the benefits of this?

  • Stack your sales and marketing funnel with quality targets that include both high propensity accounts and 95% accurate contact data
  • Say goodbye to ‘spray and pray’ campaigns, and empower Account Based activities with the account and decision maker data that closes deals 
  • Leverage firmographic and technographic data points to align your sales and marketing messaging with your target accounts’ interests

Manoj Ramnani CEO at SalesIntel

"Bombora Intent data integrated within the SalesIntel solution will provide a competitive edge to sales and marketing teams by identifying prospects within the target audience that are in the consideration phase and actively engaged in their buying journey."

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How does this apply to you?

Already a SalesIntel customer?

Expand on your success by adopting an intent-based approach across your entire tech stack—get in touch with us for special Bombora pricing for SalesIntel customers.

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Already a Bombora customer?

All Bombora customers can access a free 1-month trial with SalesIntel. Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to learn about activating Bombora in SalesIntel.

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