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Everybody wins with Cooperative data

The largest of its kind, Bombora’s Data Co-op delivers exponentially greater scale and insight than any one site could achieve alone.

Our Data Co-op consists of members from globally renowned business media organizations, niche special interest publications, analyst firms, B2B events organizations, lead generation business and individual brands.

By joining Bombora’s Data Co-op, members receive direct access to a massive pooled data set that details business firmographics and Intent data insights across the B2B web at massive scale. In return, they contribute privacy compliant, brand anonymous, visitor consumption data.

For marketers, access to Visitor Insights means automatic enrollment into Bombora’s Data Co-op, allowing them to close the loop between who they intended to reach and who they are actually reaching with their B2B digital campaigns.

The question is, with the rise of the gated walls of data, does your business have access to enough data at scale?

Reduce your marketing pollution with Intent data

Buyers are oversaturated and overwhelmed with irrelevant content and sales calls. Join the Sustainable Marketing movement and be more selective with your outreach to be more effective.

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