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Bombora | Merkle B2B

A Bombora Service Partner

Consulting on implementing and operationalizing Intent data for B2B digital strategy.

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Create data-driven target account lists

Merkle B2B is a global media and marketing agency serving top technology businesses. With its feet in media and its head in data and analytics, Merkle B2B offers a range of services including programmatic media, marketing automation, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), and content marketing consulting.

As a Service partner, Merkle B2B offers Bombora customers consulting on activating and operationalizing Company Surge®  for a full-funnel B2B strategy.


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Capture and engage 'in-market' buyers

  1. Capture ‘in-market’ buyers – Using Bombora’s weekly updated Intent data, Merkle B2B gathers timely insight into purchase intention and interest.
  2. Customize content – Merkle B2B tailors content strategies around Intent topics and subjects that are actively being researched and will resonate most with potential customers.
  3. Engage early – With insights and the ability to deliver personalized content, Merkle B2B is able to engage with prospects prior to the buying process.

"Bombora's Intent data has helped us better understand the organic and potential demand for our clients' products and services. It enables us to engage a brand's potential customers before the buying process even begins."

Bob Ray Head of Agency Service at Merkle B2B

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