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Hornbill | Case Study

Triple digit sales growth amid a pandemic using Company Surge® Intent data in HubSpot

Hornbill is a global leader of cloud-based workflow application software for IT, HR, security, and customer service teams. Its motto ‘making life at work better’ is at the heart of the business and how it differentiates in the competitive IT service management and workflow automation space.

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As a growing business, Hornbill knew it had to ramp up its marketing and sales programs to meet its aggressive goals. The problem: it had a limited universe of target accounts to market and sell to in its HubSpot database. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic hit causing Hornbill to radically change its marketing channel mix to digital lead generation.


Hornbill purchased the Company Surge® integration for HubSpot and became an early adopter of Bombora’s net-new, in-market account feature to expand its universe of target accounts. Each week, Bombora automatically delivers net-new in-market accounts to its HubSpot database.

Hornbill created sales dashboards and account scoring models that further prioritized those accounts for sales and for LinkedIn marketing. When an account has a high account score, the salesperson can filter for the account, the relevant Intent topics and for how long the account has been showing interest. Simultaneously, HubSpot workflows trigger LinkedIn ads to target those same accounts to increase awareness.


Within six months, Hornbill identified 900+ net new, in-market accounts to add to their database, which resulted in dozens of new active sales opportunities.

“We researched other Intent data providers, but Bombora’s offering was so good we instantly discounted the other providers."

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Trevor Killick Head of Digital Marketing at Hornbill

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