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Bombora | Demandbase

A Native Integration

Use account intelligence to score accounts, create segments, and prioritize full-funnel activities.

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Demandbase Overview

The Account Based Experience platform, Demandbase One, combines data with predictive scoring models to generate account insights. B2B teams can plan, execute, and measure multi-channel activities across the B2B buying journey.

As a Native Integration partner, Demandbase One allows Bombora customers to seamlessly integrate their Company Surge® Intent data into Demandbase models for go-to-market strategies.


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How can Intent data be used in Demandbase One?

1. Early insights, faster wins – Company Surge® helps to intelligently map in-market accounts to the appropriate Journey Stage and fast-track ‘sales ready’ accounts.

2. Easy-to-use reports and suggestions – Demandbase One provides a transparent and privacy-compliant view of intent and engagement activity. The insights generate follow-up actions for sales, marketing or both.

3. Better segmentation and measurement – Users can set up alerts, score accounts, create segments, and prioritize actions all based on Bombora’s Intent insights– and see what works best for continued use.


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What are the benefits of this?

Take action on powerful insights that position in-market accounts in appropriate Journey Stages

Better allocate digital ad spend on the accounts that have greater propensity to convert

Faster wins for the revenue team with alerts and dashboards that show intent signals, plus other relevant deal activity


"With our integration, marketers now have the ability to make Intent data instantly actionable by combining it with our engagement data and multi-channel orchestration capabilities. We are thrilled that this partnership allows our customers to take advantage of Intent data in a seamless way so they can win new business and drive account growth at scale."

Jon Miller CEO at Engagio

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