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Turtl | Case Study

Turtl increases meeting creation rate by 300+% using Intent data

Turtl is a content automation solution that provides enterprise businesses deeper reader insights and personalizes content at scale. Its platform uses scientifically proven digital formats that increase reader engagement by 73%. With ambitious goals for expansion, Turtl needed a more strategic approach to selecting the right accounts to prioritize. 

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Selecting accounts for Sales Development Reps (SDRs) to call was often a game of chance based on anecdotal sales feedback. One memorable call with a prospect at the wrong time prompted Turtl’s Head of Marketing Karla Rivershaw to realize she needed a solution for expanding Turtl’s universe of target accounts and better identifying which businesses are in-market for its solutions. 


After quickly securing three sales meetings using Bombora’s free weekly sample of Intent data (Company Surge® Alerts), Turtl purchased a full Company Surge® license with the HubSpot integration.

Rivershaw went on to:

  1. Create multiple Intent topic clusters, each focused on a unique value proposition of the product. 

  2. Develop corresponding SDR email sequences for each Intent topic cluster. 

  3. Design Intent-based workflows in HubSpot that automatically alert SDRs via Slack when a target account shows interest in 7+ Intent topics within a cluster and at least one high priority Intent topic. The SDR then triggers the appropriate email sequence. 

  4. Create dashboards for each SDR to further prioritize top accounts to call based on fit, intent, and other factors. 


After only four months of using Company Surge® for HubSpot, Turtl booked over 40 sales meetings and increased its meeting creation rate by more than 300%.

Additionally, a typical sales cycle for Turtl is six to nine months, but by using Bombora’s Company Surge® data, Turtl identified an in-market business and closed the deal after only six weeks.

Next Steps

Turtl has big plans for getting more value from Intent data in its sales and marketing processes. Rivershaw is working on a new account scoring system within HubSpot that combines website visitor data, firmographics, and Intent data to calculate an account-level engagement score that further drives SDR and sales prioritization. Rivershaw is also excited to continue expanding Turtl’s universe of target accounts and validate the impact of marketing using Bombora’s net new in-market account identification feature.

"The ability to get net new, in-market accounts in HubSpot from Bombora is a game changer. We’re not only relying on our own database, but we’re expanding our universe of target accounts to new businesses interested in our solutions. When marketing identifies prospects not on sales’ radar with all the messaging ready to go, it validates the impact of marketing and makes it easier for SDRs to book meetings."

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Karla Rivershaw Head of Marketing at Turtl

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