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How to use Intent data for messaging that resonates

By now, most marketers are highly aware that Intent data can be leveraged to target and prioritize in-market accounts within your total addressable market. But what isn’t talked about often enough, is how you can also use Intent data for more effective and tailored messaging.

According to Gartner, over 70% of B2B marketers will utilize third-party Intent data to target prospects or engage groups of buyers in selected accounts by the end of 2022.

But there’s more you can do with third-party Intent.

Rather than just targeting accounts that have Intent on an overarching topic, you can target accounts with Intent topics and nurture them with hyper-personalized messaging on and off-site. Let’s discuss a few ways to do so.

3 ways to use Intent data for messaging that resonates

  1. Address each persona differently
  2. Box out your competitors
  3. Do pipeline nurture right

Address each persona differently

The Intent data you see for a buyer can mean more than simply ‘this person may be in the market for our product’. The signals can actually give you clues as to who the data represents. For example, buyers within different departments will research the same topic or service category differently based on their unique point of view. This can be used not just to segment but to tailor your messaging to reflect their point of view.

As another example, a Triblio client sells a CDP solution but has 2 very different personas: a Technical Buyer and a Marketing / Customer Success Buyer. Each uses different terms to describe their product. They also look at CDP solutions through vastly different lenses and don’t use the same keywords during their research.

To address this, the Triblio client used Intent signals to categorize their buyers by persona and created messaging that speaks to their personas’ Intent signals throughout the buyers’ journeys. By using Intent to tailor their content for ads, website personalization, and sales activation, the marketing team was able to ensure their buyers had consistent and relevant experiences with them.

Intent data for messaging - personas

Box out your competitors

One critical way to use Intent data for messaging is to monitor Intent data topics related to your competitors. If you see heightened interest in a competitor, you can prepare for competitive conversations by triggering website personalizations with counter-claims & competitive differentiation against the specific competitors that the prospect is researching.

Intent data for messaging customer success examples

For example, you can set up a Box-Out campaign for a specific competitor like so: Bombora Company Surge® Data signal – prospect begins showing Intent with Competitor A.

Because you know from your research that against Competitor A, your stellar customer success team and rave reviews win deals, you trigger on-page messaging that drives home that point with social proof, overlays providing social proof, as well as ads that reinforce competitive messaging.

By supporting your sales team with competitive box-out website messaging and advertising, you can tee up competitive deals more easily.

Do pipeline nurture right

Oftentimes, the main focus for B2B website design is ‘how do we make as many people as possible book a meeting’ with little attention to the buyer experience once they reach the pipeline. But that’s a mistake. The experience your customers and your hopefully soon-to-be customers have on your site is critically important especially since it’s the most common touchpoint they have with your business. One easy way to create on-site messaging that resonates more with your sales pipeline is to personalize your site with the knowledge that the account is in the decision stage and has already had a meeting with your team.

Try these messaging and website quick fixes:

  • Swapping CTAs to take a demo to learn more about the experience they’ll have with you.
  • Ungating your resources; once someone’s had a meeting with you, there’s no reason to gate resources your reps are likely making available to them anyways.

These small touches will personalize the experience your pipeline accounts have on your website, and they will be more likely to engage with your content.

Upgrade your messaging with Intent data today

Messaging that resonates with someone’s Intent is far more effective than a shot in the dark.

Use these Intent-based personalization tactics to create more effective messaging for the buyers interacting with your business and you’ll see users stay on your site longer and engage with your content more.

Want to learn more about how Triblio and Bombora Company Surge® Data can power account-based marketing campaigns? See it in action today.