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5 ways to boost ABM email marketing engagement

While ABM email marketing can often feel like second nature, B2B email marketing requires a trained eye and strategic tools in order to run engaging, scalable campaigns.

One tool used to improve email engagement rates and marketing ROI is Intent data—in fact, 51% of marketers have already adopted Intent data and use it to their advantage (Demand Gen). For B2B marketers, especially enterprise, Intent data can become an Account-based Marketing (ABM) lifeline, providing unparalleled insight into account behavior and content consumption. Here are five ways you can leverage Intent data to execute more engaging ABM email campaigns.

How to boost ABM email marketing engagement

1) Build a “wake the dead” campaign

If your open rate average is suffering, you’re probably thinking: “How can we re-engage contacts who’ve gone cold?” Start by building a list of your dormant contacts. Using Intent data, segment these accounts based on topics of interest (i.e. what they’re currently researching and looking for in your solution). From there, you can create and send targeted, personalized emails to the formerly “dead” contacts. Consider their attention caught.

2) Surprise and awe with contextual content and offers

B2B marketing may be organization-focused, but key decision-makers are humans—humans who won’t say no to free, valuable, relevant content. “Free” and “valuable” are notable, yes, but “relevant” is the keyword. With Company Surge® Intent data, you can nurture top prospects by the topics they’re already consuming and drop content marketing assets (e-books, guides, blog posts, webinars, and even free trials) in their inboxes when they’re most critical to making a decision in the buyers’ journey.

3) Name drop your competitors

If customer accounts are researching your competitors, don’t miss out on an opportunity to advance your position in-market with value-backed messaging. Take those insights and build a personalized email campaign with the specific goal of explicitly showing how you stack up against the competition. A prospect is reading about another work management program? Make your value proposition known; show them the one-of-a-kind features only available in your user experience.

4) Convert feature relevancy into an upsell

It’s all about the phrase heard ‘round the marketing meeting: It costs less to upsell a current account than it is to convert a new one. Not only is it a lesser spend, but Intent data makes this process even easier. Begin the process by cross-matching a list of accounts with Company Surge® Intent data. This allows you to see which customers are researching products they haven’t yet purchased from you. From there, enroll them into a use-case based email nurture campaign, where you can promote relevant products and features that may fulfill their other immediate needs. If done effectively, you’ll be top of mind when it’s decision time.

5) Keep an eye on sustainable marketing

Not everyone is going to respond to your email messaging—no matter how many amazing “wake the dead” campaigns you run. Intent data reveals which accounts do not, and will not, show any interest or engagement; move them into a suppression list. By taking a more sustainable marketing approach, you’ll achieve higher open rates and spend time on accounts that matter the most to your ABM pipeline.

If your ABM email campaign reports are less than stellar, think about investing in a solution like Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data. You may have a quick-witted copywriter and an experienced designer at the helm, but incorporating Intent data into email marketing decisions will take your program to the big leagues. You’ll soon see engagement as an exciting challenge instead of a continuous battle. Plus, through our native integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce, the execution of ABM email campaigns will be seamless—leaving your marketing team with time to think about the next email blast.