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B2B Intent data explained: Personalize content marketing campaigns at scale

With a plethora of digital content available, it can be hard to reach your audience when they are ready to hear from you and with relevant content. Knowing what prospects are interested in as it relates to your business, in real-time, is immensely valuable. Intent data puts this knowledge in the hands of B2B marketers, helping them to develop relevant content and make the most of these initiatives by using it strategically to target prospects at the right time.

Content marketing is a must-have for business. Over two-thirds of digital marketers are actively investing in creating and sharing content that educates, attracts, and converts prospects into paying customers.

Delivering content that adds value at every stage of the buyer’s journey and tackles critical pain points of various customer personas is critical. Knowing what content as it relates to your products and services that your prospects are researching in real-time is incredibly valuable.

This is what Company Surge® Intent data does. It allows you to identify accounts looking for solutions you offer and learn which topics and product categories they find relevant. Here are three ways that you can use Intent data for content marketing:

1. Discover what topics interest your prospects

Understanding the wants, needs, and intent signals of your audience can help you uncover topics that interest target accounts.

For example: If you specialize in enterprise customer service solutions and Intent data highlights that several of your target accounts in the financial sector have a research spike related to this area, your marketing team can act on this insight to produce content tailored to this specific industry segment.

In theory what this means is that everything you create is directly related to the types of information that your prospects are seeking out. Digging deeper into the content consumption trends of your customers might also uncover gaps in your existing library of assets. If prospects are actively researching Intent topics that you never covered before, that’s a signal to fill that gap promptly and also perhaps broaden your B2B content marketing strategy.

2. Sequence content during relevant stages of the buying journey

Company Surge® Intent data enables you to provide prospects with personalized support at various stages of the Account Based Marketing (ABM) buying journey. If potential buyers are in the awareness stage and researching specific problems that your product solves, your team could then produce content that explains these pain points. Ebooks, one-sheeters, whitepapers, and blog posts are particularly valuable in this phase.

It can also reveal which of your accounts have advanced to the consideration stage. At this point, prospects need content that explains all the available methods of solving the defined problem. This is an opportunity for you to produce ‘how to’ content that looks into various solutions. Furthermore, the research activity of target accounts might shift in different directions and Company Surge® Intent data allows you to spot these changes and guide prospects through the right nurture path.

Once prospects reach the decision stage, you can use Company Surge® to help complete the sale. Your team could, for instance, personalize landing pages to potential buyers depending on product categories they’re interested in. The data can also be used to monitor interest in direct competitors and features of their product set. These insights will help you to arm your reps with sales decks, case studies, and other types of ‘battle-card’ content.

Besides winning over prospects, you also want to keep existing customers happy. Company Surge® Intent data helps your team to spot and react when customers are looking into a competitor’s solution. You’ll also be able to identify cross-sell or upsell opportunities as the data reveals solution categories that your customers are researching but haven’t yet bought from you. Relevant content can help you turn the odds in your favor in both scenarios.

3. Maximize your content marketing spend

Marketers are investing a lot of money into content initiatives, so it comes as no surprise that they want to get the most out of this spend. One way to go about that is improving various digital marketing metrics, which is where Company Surge® Intent data can play a vital role.

Take, for example, bounce rates. Using Company Surge® to produce relevant content will motivate visitors to stay on your website longer and interact with more pages. This will not only decrease the bounce rate but will also signal to search engines that your domain is trustworthy and deserves to rank higher in search results.

Digital ads can also be optimized. Company Surge® Intent data reveals topics and solutions your prospects find interesting, which your team can use to improve ad copy and messaging angles. Increasing click-through rates even by a fraction can make a significant difference.

And knowing buyers’ intent can make your email marketing more effective. For instance, a startup that sells accounting software might try to reconnect with its cold leads by emailing them a new ebook about the latest accounting trends. Company Surge® Intent data takes the guesswork out of these efforts. It might reveal, for example, that many of these accounts are in fact actively researching cloud-based accounting software. Targeting them with an ebook that covers this topic is bound to result in higher open rates.

Up your B2B content marketing game using Intent data

Company Surge® Intent data gives marketing and sales teams real-time data-driven intelligence to:

  • Manage their Account-Based Marketing pipeline better;
  • Produce content that matches the intent signals of target accounts;
  • Positions a business as authoritative through the dissemination of relevant and timely content.