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This year continues to be highly eventful and we’re STILL feeling the effects of the economy - smaller teams, disruptions of new technology, and the constant need to focus on the customer.

As marketers face increasing competition for buyers’ attention from news cycles and competitors, they also grapple with shifting buying behaviors that are revolutionizing industries across the digital landscape.

So what’s everyone doing about it?

Leveraging Bombora Intent data, this quarter’s Marketing Pulse Report dives into what’s top of mind for marketers and specifically highlights what healthcare organizations are doing to recalibrate operations.

The data provides a pulse into what organizations are researching and exploring to drive more meaningful, personalized engagements at scale for their customers and prospects at a time when we’re faced with an onslaught of news stories.

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Research into User-Generated Content saw a significant growth of 244%.

The upswing in User-Generated Content research signals the urgency brands are placing on capturing and repurposing real customer narratives.

2023 Q4 Marketing Pulse Report

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