Gain audience insights, drive targeted content creation and develop products with previously unachievable scale

Data-driven content creation

Balancing audience and advertiser needs is hard

Publishers have the difficult task of providing users with informative content that delivers notable value and supports audience development, while still serving the needs of advertisers to engage users with product-specific content.

Base content creation on Intent data

Base your content creation on the B2B content that your audience is consuming and interested in, when not on your site. By analyzing which topics of content are most commonly researched at businesses cross-referenced to industry, geography or market segment, you can identify larger market trends.


Chief content officers, VPs of content, audience development and editorial teams


Applying behavioral content insights to specific market segments


Increased audience engagement


Company SurgeTM

Business audience targeting

B2B advertising is missing the mark

B2B brands have embraced account-based marketing and sale, en masse. However, the media plan is mostly disconnected. Advertising is chosen by site or broad audience segment, rather than delivering ads only to those target accounts that sales teams are focused on.

Build audience segments with Intent data

Build audience segments based on company name, location, size, functional area, seniority, and content interest via all major programmatic platforms including a publisher’s data management platform.


Ad operations, programmatic media sales


Use our B2B data to build audience segments directly or via platforms like Krux, Lotame, Adobe, and Oracle Data Cloud.


20-40% increase in performance metrics for display advertising

Audience Verification

Business advertisers need company-specific reporting

Publishers invest in high-quality content in order to attract premium business audiences. But proof of campaign delivery to these audiences is missing.

Reveal the B2B audiences you deliver

Report on the accuracy of advertiser’s Account Based Marketing (ABM) and audience-targeted campaigns with insights for ‘on-target’ reach and impressions against target account lists. This allows you to demonstrate the performance of your audience. You can further connect media campaigns to sales opportunities, receiving proper credit.


Ad operations, digital ad sales, agency media teams


Upload an account list and generate a tracking tag via the Bombora interface


Reporting on percentage of impressions delivered to target companies, number of on-target and off-target companies reached, unique users and impressions by company over time