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Intent Event 2023 Resources

Bombora customers presented a wave of valuable insights with other industry-leading professionals.

Intent data didn’t just level the field for Siemens, it changed the game

Dan Staresinic, Siemens

Taking share away from a deeply entrenched market leader is never easy. But when the cost of switching vendors is extreme, and the buying process is 12 months or longer, spotting and responding to the very first moment of buying behavior is the only way to win. Learn how Siemens managed to do that with Intent data and how that has delivered recurring value and become a global standard.

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From ABM to One-Team GTM: How Snowflake unlocked the next-generation of data-driven marketing

Hillary Carpio, Snowflake

For many businesses, account based is an approach, and account-based marketing is the top-of-funnel execution of that approach. What happens when you shift to a one-team GTM, unifying your marketing and sales for acceleration? You unlock a whole new potential across your revenue team with Intent data infused across your strategy. From driving your content calendar to partner targeting, account prioritization to tailoring your outreach narrative, learn how Snowflake got off the ground, scaled, and unified its GTM across the business.

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How growth-oriented account intelligence can fuel success

Laura Heck, Accenture

By integrating Intent data into their account intelligence strategy, businesses can obtain a complete picture of their customers and make informed decisions to better serve their needs. But how do you get started? Learn the details of how Accentures sets the foundation for their data driven strategy and prioritizes their efforts to improve customer engagement and retention.

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Accelerating demand creation: Trustwave’s approach to transforming its GTM with Intent data

Craig Rones, Trustwave

Having an edge against the competition is critical in business, learn how Trustwave uses Intent data to drive timely & strategic conversations to build pipeline & revenue. Discover how Trustwave transformed their technology, TAL approach, and tactical adjustments to drive pipeline growth with Bombora. Learn about how they view Intent data as a competitive advantage, converting data into demand, and quick action tactics to drive pipeline growth and win deals.

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What B2B marketing will look like in 2026 (and how to get ready now)

Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing Inc

Today’s innovative strategy could be tomorrow’s broken status quo. And the best way to keep your edge is to see (or at least anticipate) what’s coming and start getting ready now. In this detailed, fast-paced session, Matt will share a three-year outlook for B2B marketing along with a checklist of priorities for leaders and practitioners over the next 12-24 months to both ensure readiness as well as improve revenue impact along the way.

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Intent data as a catalyst for digital transformation: How SAP goes beyond sales and marketing applications across the organization

Franklin Herbas, SAP

This presentation explores the concept of Intent data and its potential as a catalyst for digital transformation. We discussed how Intent data can be used to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and foster the use of data across teams and departments. We also examined real-world examples of how SAP successfully leveraged Intent data to drive organizational and digital transformation and achieve business objectives.

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