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Bombora | Salesforce

A Native Integration

Say goodbye to cold outreach. Company Surge® tells you which accounts are interested in what you sell – and what they want to hear. Integrated directly into Salesforce.

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Know which accounts are motivated by what messages - with Bombora Company Surge® and Salesforce

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Know who wants to hear from you

Rather than guessing which accounts to focus on each week, Company Surge® tells you which accounts should get the most attention. Through a seamless integration with Salesforce, incorporate these insights into your list views, dashboards and workflows so you don’t have to hop between systems and spreadsheets.

Enhanced administrative control

The Bombora Company Surge® Admin App allows Administrators to easily onboard and manage users, audit and sync data, and define where Intent data fits within your sales cadence.

Administrators can also define and govern the creation of new Account records to ensure a healthy pipeline of in-market, best-fit target accounts for Sales.

Have higher quality conversations

You don’t have to settle for generic outreach – Company Surge® specifies which subjects your target accounts are researching from our growing list of 15,600 B2B topics. Now you can be confident that your outreach will be relevant, timely, and well received.

Win, before your competitors do

See which target accounts are checking out your competitors and win them over for quick conversions.

"Bombora is able to tell us where we should spend our time, with which company and about what topic. And I don't get that insight from any other data source to be able to lead an outbound engagement with a prospect in as intelligent of a way as Bombora allows us to be."

Alan Tarkowski VP of Business Development at Fortinet

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Coordinate sales and marketing activities around businesses that are in active research mode. Test drive Intent data for free with Company Surge® Alerts and receive a weekly email with 10 of your hottest prospects.

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